Carry On Dancing by Steinvor Palsson

Carry On Dancing by Steinvor Palsson

Carry On Dancing is set to the original recordings of memorable songs from the 20s and 30s sung by the legendary Marlene Dietrich.

Poignant, funny and eclectic, these classic songs are interpreted through movement, dance and occasional text by an extraordinary ensemble of nine women in their sixties and beyond. Beautifully lit and costumed by Jeanine Byrne, the piece evokes a bygone era of glamour, mystery, seduction and dark humour.

The choreographer Steinvor Palsson was raised on the songs of Ms Dietrich, her late father’s favourite artist. Carry On Dancing is a personal tribute to him and to the courageous, powerful and completely remarkable people who are PRIME.

This piece premiered during the 2016 Fringe at Dance Base and was performed over the 2017 Fringe. Alongside the Edinburgh Festival, it toured in October 2016, and was presented as part of the Hogmanay 2016.


Creative Team:

Choreographer – Steinvor Palsson

Lighting & Costume Design – Jeanine Byrne

Costume Alterations –  Mr Pearl