Identifying the next steps for your career or creative practice can be challenging, especially when you are balancing a range of different projects and commitments at the same time.

Kirsty Somerville (Head of Professional Programme) is an Accredited Relational Dynamic 1st Coach and is here to provide support, encouragement and direction for artists who are considering their next steps and options.

Coaching at Dance Base is a completely confidential process where the coach provides a space for you to think and is there alongside you in the process. Practically, this takes the form of a structured conversation in which the coachee is encouraged to think for themselves through attentive listening, skilled questioning and sometimes exercises, which in turn creates a moment for reflection, consideration and planning.

Coaching is ideal for personal development, overcoming ‘stuckness’, dealing with issues and challenges, increasing confidence, changing and/or developing direction. Sessions last 50 minute and can take place between 10:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday.

To book an initial coaching session email Kirsty Somerville, Head of Professional Programme, at with the times that would suit you best for a weekly slot. If this feels a helpful approach Kirsty can provide up to three sessions in one block.