The Dimestop | Ayedentify

The Dimestop | Ayedentify


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8 Monday - 12 Friday July

Often we do not have the words to express our identity; it is complex and multiple. We display our culture through the embodiment of dance, but what exactly have we embodied as Popping dancers?

During this residency week, The Dimestop will explore questions around individual experience and how Popping culture connects and grounds them. What does it mean to be Scottish while being so deeply involved in Popping dance and its international culture, which connects to the 60s/70s/80s funk movements and its inception in marginalised communities with the USA? The Dimestop believes that we display our culture through the embodiment of dance, but what exactly have we have embodied as Popping dancers?

The Dimestop will also be producing music for the piece simultaneously, teasing out ideas and themes which match movement identity to sounds.

Creators: Lucia ‘Motherfunk’ Leeson, Darren Hamilton (Choreographers), David ‘Tesko’ Wark (Choreographer and composition/music production)


Work-In-Progress Sharing | Friday 12 July| 15:00 – 16:00 | Free (ticketed) | BOOK HERE

We invite you to join the public sharing of the work on Friday at 15:00. As this is an early stage development phase, the performers will be presenting a work-in-progress. Afterwards we would like to open up conversations around themes of identity, globalisation and culture.


The Dimestop started in 2013 with a drive to create a community space, open to all, to learn Popping as a discreet style. 11 years later and we have seen a massive growth in talent and popularity of the dance and the growth of the group has spread across the UK and the international dance community.

The group have strong ties with some of the pionners of the dance in California, USA which equips the group with a wealth of knowledge to create and forge an authentic curriculum with. This has helped dancers across Scotland as each member is active in helping the next generation of dancers, from workshops to competitive events. David ‘Tesko’ Wark, Darren Hamilton and Lucia ‘Motherfunk’ Leeson have over 40 years experience collectively in the ‘battle’/competitive dance scene, Hip Hop theatre, Showcasing and have produced movements and stylistics within Popping dance which are now associated as uniquely the Dimestop approach – to some, ‘The Scottish way of Popping’.


Supported through Dance Base’s Paid Artist Residency Programme