STOP | Penny Chivas

STOP | Penny Chivas


Image copyright: Penny Chivas


6 Monday - 10 Friday May

STOP, currently in research and development, is an exploration of embodied experiences of contemporary climate activism. Penny has interviewed a number of people involved in nonviolent direct action across the UK learning about their tactics, gestures and ‘whole body’ physicalities. Used with permission, samples of these interviews will be embedded in Nicolette Macleod’s music providing a genuine and lived experience of current British protests.

In response to climate breakdown, people are putting their bodies on the line. Bodies hold ground or are moved against their will, draw attention with wild gestures or are dragged out of the public eye. We are seeing disproportionately harsh penalties imposed on environmental protestors, often for simple physical acts like walking slowly or passive resistance.

Initial periods of development have used this, alongside images that highlight the physicality of climate protest, as source material for movement phrases weaving roughness and ‘floppiness’ (a tactic used to make arrest harder). How can we represent the adaptiveness now demanded in protest tactics? What does it mean to physically stand for an idea, and can theatre spaces provide a space to reflect upon where against our changing political landscape?

Creators: Nicolette Macleod (Composer), Mona Kastell (Ecoscenographer), Dora Frankel (Choreographic mentor)


Work-In-Progress Sharing | Friday 10 May | 14:00 – 15:00 | Free (ticketed) | BOOK HERE

We invite you to join the public sharing of the work on Friday at 14:00. As this is an early stage development phase, the performers will be presenting a work-in-progress. Please come along as they will be grateful to hear your thoughts. 


Originally from Ngunnawal Country, Australia, Penny Chivas (she/her) moved to Glasgow in 2010 and since contributed to the dance scene in Scotland as a performer, maker and facilitator. As a freelance performer she has worked on a variety of projects, including work by Ian Spink, Plan B, Scottish Opera, Lyra, Rosina Bonsu, Julia McGhee, Theatre Cryptic, Vanessa Grasse and Stillmotion involving both British and international touring. Penny was co-director of @TheGlasgowJam 2013-2017 receiving CS funding to mentor emerging faciliators. With a deep interest in climate concerns, Penny created Burnt Out which has toured extensively in Scotland as well as touring to Finland, Australia and England.


Supported through Dance Base’s Paid Artist Residency Programme