Fields (Extract) | Merav Israel

Fields (Extract) | Merav Israel


Image copyright: Alan Paterson


Monday 1  - Friday 5 April

In this residency, Merav Israel and Claire Pençak will continue their research and development of a new performance piece that looks at land, connection, separation and ways of dwelling.

The piece unfolds through series of scores and movement of objects in space, suggesting land forms and building walls and borders. This movement explores somatic response to the situation in the space/field, and to each other, either in ways of cooperation or contrast, co-inhabiting and mutuality.

Merav and Claire will use their time during this Residency to explore how Fields(Extract) might work as an episodic durational installation piece, consolidating their ideas and documenting the work.



Open Studio | Friday 5 April | 13:00 – 16:00 | Free (not ticketed)

Merav & Claire will hold an open studio from 13:00 – 16:00 to play with the idea and format of a durational performance. A new ‘beginning’ will happen at 1pm , 2pm & 3pm. Each ‘episode’ will be around 20 minutes and different from the one before. People are welcome to come and go as they please or stay for the duration.


Merav Israel is a dance artist, Feldenkrais Method practitioner and therapist, based in Edinburgh. She is working within the field of somatic movement and improvisational scores. Her work tends to be collaborative, poetic, relational, investigative, with an interest in the natural world and spirituality.



Claire Pençak is a dance artist with a cross disciplinary and collaborative practice living and working in the Scottish Borders. Her interest is in how dancing can offer hope-orientated and empathetic practices that nourish ecological relationship and different ways to connect – to ourselves, to others and to the more-than-human world.

Supported through Dance Base’s In-Kind Studio Space