Marianella Desanti | Dorita

Marianella Desanti | Dorita


Image copyright: Marianella Desanti 


Monday 22 - Friday 26 April

Dorita is a dance celebrating life and death, inspired by Latin American traditional dance and the fusion of cultures manifested in the Latin rituals of prayer, the creation of altars, music and dance. The dance captures the last days of Dorita, a Costa Rican grandmother at the end of her life who asks her granddaughter to light a candle so that when she should die, she would not have to pass in darkness. It is a celebration of life through honouring death.

Marianella is joining us in residency through our Traditional Dance Residency which is held in collaboration with the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland and will take place ahead of the Pomegranates Festival:

Residency Sharing | 17:30 – 19:00 | Friday 26 April | BOOK NOW

Marianella will share her work on the final day of her residency, and launch the Pomegranates Festival! Join us for the performance, a feedback session and cocktails.


Marianella Desanti is a dancer and choreographer based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Marianella’s work is a constant exploration of how dance transcends barriers, heals the mind & body, preserves our stories, and brings communities together. Desanti gathers inspiration from personal narratives, the environment, and cultures. Each one of her dance pieces embodies a life experience, inspired by collaborations with artists from around the world.


Instagram: @marianelladesantiballet

Supported through Dance Base’s Paid Artist Residency Programme