Revel | Company Chordelia / Kally Lloyd-Jones

Revel | Company Chordelia / Kally Lloyd-Jones


Image copyright: Kally Lloyd-Jones


13 Monday - 17 Friday May and 10 Monday - 14 Friday June

This is a two-week development phase for Kally Lloyd-Jones to work towards a new show for Company Chordelia. Revel (working title), is a celebration of age and of the richness of what older performers bring to physical performance.

This time will be used to explore our differences and common ground in the experience of ageing: our own bodies, feelings and our sense of how society shapes perceptions of ageing. How do we see ourselves as dancers and performers, the desire to dance that never goes away and how we work in the bodies we have now, using all the professional skills and life experience we have accumulated over our lives. This studio time will sow the seeds for the stories, material and structure for this new piece, setting the course for the next phase.

Collaborators: Steinvor Palsson, Liz Rankin, Mhairi Allan (Cast), Janis Hart (Set and costume designer)


Work-In-Progress Sharing | Friday 14 June | 15:00 – 16:00 | Free (ticketed) | BOOK HERE 

We invite you to join the public sharing of the work on Friday at 14:00. As this is an early stage development phase, the performers will be presenting a work-in-progress. Please come along as they will be grateful to hear your thoughts. 


Company Chordelia creates dance-theatre performance work which explore narrative and character, centred around deeply human themes. Formed in April 2002 by award winning director/choreographer and Artistic Director Kally Lloyd-Jones, the company’s work is rooted in dance and theatre and works across genres depending on the form and subject of the show. Every work she creates for Company Chordelia is unique in content and form, a constant evolution of approach to suit each carefully researched subject, yet with a clear and recognisable voice and vision.

Kally Lloyd-Jones makes work which explores the human condition, the edges of our experience and what drives us. Whether it is about the dance marathons of depression-era America, Nijinsky’s descent into madness, or an analysis of Lady Macbeth, Lloyd-Jones’s intense curiosity and meticulous detail paves the way for a melding of dance with potent theatricality. Working from a directorial perspective, underpinned by her dance training and background, she produces detailed, layered, psychological character studies and weaves them around movement vocabularies created for each show, and around the people she works with. From small scale rural touring to large scale collaborations, co-productions have included Scottish Opera with a full scale orchestra, and Solar Bear.



Supported through Dance Base’s In-Kind Studio Space programme.