Jack Webb | In Endless Edge

Jack Webb | In Endless Edge


Image copyright: Jack Webb


Monday 15 - Friday 26 April

In Endless Edge is a new dance work in development for two dancers.

In Endless Edge is a work centred around the concept of desire – the desire between two bodies to listen deeply to physical and choreographic longings, to say yes to and give in to movement impulses, rhythms and textures that are rumbling under the surface.

In Endless Edge considers the two bodies as edges – edges where physical desires are never fully realised, edges where endless space and flow start and end from and edges where everything and nothing happens between. It will explore the spaces between bodies and people, the things that go unsaid and unexpressed between people and bodies and the endless search for clarity, communication and connection when two edges meet, or don’t.


Jack Webb is an award-winning choreographer, movement director and dancer working across dance, theatre, opera and film.

Website: www.jackwebbdance.com

Instagram: @iamjackwebb

Supported through Dance Base’s In-Kind Studio Space programme.