Nancy Jacinto (Nancy Ahmar) | The beauty

Nancy Jacinto (Nancy Ahmar) | The beauty

Monday 18 - Friday 22 March

Nancy’s work, The beauty seeks to explore and experiment with the idea of finding beauty in diversity, contextualised by Nancy’s experience in migrating and the resulting mixture of feelings; confusion, wonder and having to reconsider her identity.She will be bringing together two apparently disparate dance cultures and finding the similarities between them; Mexican urban rhythms (which represent the space and the culture she grew up in) and Bellydance (an art form in which she has found joy, self-acceptance, empowerment and feeling of belonging to a collective).


Work-in-progress Sharing

Friday 22 March | 12:00 – 13:00 | BOOK HERE

Nancy will be sharing a work-in-progress of The beauty and will lead a open session to talk and/or communicate with the body concepts of migration, feeling of belonging,  finding spaces for underrepresented minorities through dance, arts and life itself.

About Nancy Jacinto

Nancy Jacinto (Nancy Ahmar) is a performer, dancer, and dance teacher with training in Latin dances and Oriental Dances: Bellydance. She has BA in Performing Arts and Drama Literature and a Diploma in Oriental Dances.

Her artistic work focuses on representing her cultural background and embodiment of female expression and empowerment through the art of Bellydance, pointing up the sense of belonging as a migrant and the feeling of being comfortable in her own body. She is keen to explore ways of bringing multiple disciplines together in her dance.

Dance, storytelling and being a migrant in an underrepresented community has inspired her to keep creating dynamics and finding spaces where women like her can have access to equality driven activities. She has created a dance community: LatinoDanceProject to give voice to a Latin American minority group in Scotland through dance.


Instagram: @nancyahmar_dance


Supported through our Paid Artist Residency programme