Charlotte McLean | Futuristic Folktales

Charlotte McLean | Futuristic Folktales

Monday 12 February  - Friday 23 February

Futuristic Folktales is a new dance-theatre production from Charlotte Mclean and Collaborators telling the tale of the first womb, humbly attempting to unify humanity through the universal narrative of birth. The work questions the preservation of tradition using contemporary, breaking and Scottish Highland dance as well as story-telling and song. Through these performative mediums, the work politicises and critiques borders, body politics and reproductive justice.

Charlotte Mclean and Collaborators have been experimenting with the work since 2022 during residencies at Dance Base, Dansomètre, Dampfzentrale and Sadlers Wells. Around twenty collaborators spanning dance, theatre, design, music, fertility awareness education, social engagement and community practice have been an integral part of the trans-disciplinary artistic process.

They will have a two week residency at Dance Base in February and two more weeks at The Place London in March before premiering and touring the work in April 2024 to The Space, Tramway, The Place and Tojo Theatre.

During the Dance Base residency, creative producer Helen McIntosh, writer Nelly Kelly, lighting designer Emma Jones, costume designer Alison Brown, musical composer Malin Lewis, dramaturg Rob Evans and the three performers Astro Jorge Raiz Scheidegger, Orrow Bell and Chanai Bradley Fofanah will come together to start, to finish, Futuristic Folktales.



Company Class | Friday 16 | 10:00 – 11:30 | BOOK HERE

Throughout Charlotte’s class, she will share her passion for Scottish Highland dance as well as inviting attentive improvisers.

Charlotte will share her practice ‘my body is my home’ as a way to warm up the body and internalise. This practice includes imagining different states and begins with dances from the womb (if you do not have a womb or have a difficult relationship with your womb, this class is still for you. Safety and self-care are of utmost priority).

The class will then explore different improvisational scores, including breath and voice work in relation to movement. The classes will finish correlating jumping and Scottish Highland dancing.


About Charlotte McLean

Charlotte Mclean’s work amalgamates dance theatre, improvisation, voice work and imagination. She is a contemporary dance artist from Arbroath, Scotland and a London Contemporary Dance School graduate.

Charlotte has performed and worked internationally with Eva Recacha, Pink Mama Theatre and Barrowland Ballet amongst many others. She is co-founder of BADBODYCHAOSCODE and founder of sister company Die Berner Band. Both are contemporary movement bands. They have been commissioned to perform at Edinburgh and Camden Fringe Festivals, Brainchild Festival, V&A London, The Place, TANZhAUS Bern, Dampfzentrale and have been featured in Dazed and Confused Magazine. The bands have toured in the UK, Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland and New York City.

She began her dancing career with Highland, a traditional Scottish form of movement and taught this from a young age. Charlotte has always been passionate about teaching and sharing. She has taught at London Contemporary Dance School; Scottish Dance Theatre; Dance Base Edinburgh, TanzBüro Basel and now teaches at Barbara Bortoli Ballet School. She also worked at The Royal Ballet School for two years as Associate Centre Assistant.


Instagram: @iamcharlottemclean


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