Agnieszka Mencel & Anna Zglenicka | Burn Your Inner Child

Agnieszka Mencel & Anna Zglenicka | Burn Your Inner Child

Monday 29 January - Friday 2 February

–  They tell me to love my inner child. But what if that child wants to be loved by everyone else?

Burn Your Inner Child is a new work by a Scotland-based dance artist Agnieszka Mencel and a Polish performer, choreographer and visual artist Anna Zglenicka. In this R&D they will be exploring a topic of shame and shamelessness. Delving into personal experiences by using movement and theatre they will focus on the process of setting boundaries and overcoming the fear of rejection.



Company Class | Tuesday 30 January | 10:00 – 11:30 | BOOK HERE

Join the company for morning class on Tuesday at 10:00. Agnieszka will offer a release-based contemporary with elements of conditioning and floorwork. The class will focus on moving the centre of gravity, using head-tail connection and opposite forces to create dynamic movement and leave us warmed-up and energised for the day.


Work-In-Progress Sharing | Friday 2 February | 14:00 | BOOK HERE

We invite you to join the public sharing of the work on Friday at 14:00. As this is an early stage development phase Agnieszka and Anna will be presenting a work-in-progress. Please come along as they will be grateful to hear your thoughts. This sharing will contain nudity.


About Agnieszka Mencel

Agnieszka Mencel is an Edinburgh-based dance artist and a former Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme member. In 2021 she obtained her MA in Dance Performance at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, where she was a part of Transitions Dance Company. Before that in 2018 she graduated with Bachelors in Dance/Dance therapy from Poznań University of Physical Education. Her recent engagements include the solo ‘A Changeling Wife’ performed as part of the Heads Up show at the Fringe Festival 2022 and choreographed by Niamh O’Loughlin, ‘Relay’ by Annelise Bucher and ‘Now & Then’ by Pavlina Karlo, performed as part of the Resolution festival at The Place; London. Agnieszka worked with various choreographers such as Didy Veldman, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Rahel Vonmoos and Anna Maria Krysiak.

Instagram: @mencel.aga

About Anna Zglenicka

Anna is a dancer, visual artist and a Theatre Studies graduate. As a co-founder of Hertz Haus theatre company in Gdańsk, she co-created and took part in many productions including Frauen in Flammen, Hotel H ****, Mirroring and Unbody which has been selected the best independent theatre’s show ‘The Best Off 2022’. Her work often reveals human imperfections, focuses on interpersonal connections and intimacy, skilfully bends reality into abstraction.

Instagram: @anna.zglenicka

Supported through Dance Base’s Paid Artist Residency Programme