Sukhy Parhar | Retopology

Sukhy Parhar | Retopology

Monday 30 January - Friday 10 February

Retopology (noun) – a process in 3D modelling, involving cleaning and simplifying a mangled mesh to make it easier to manage. Sukhy Parhar (she/they) is a queer, mixed-race, multidisciplinary artist from a non-traditional background, approaching 2 years sober. Sukhy began initial experimentation with ritual and Butoh dance in X (2019), exploring the theme of cultural sacrifice, and reframing perspectives of black culture. This theme was developed with performances in Weathervanes (2021) during the DanceLive Festival in Aberdeen and multiple sell-outs at Tramway for Dance International Glasgow. Now approaching 2 years of freedom from alcohol, the journey to sobriety has required retopologising her brain, unfolding the knotted sequences of substance abuse, and reshaping them anew in her sobriety. Join Sukhy on an immersive journey of exploration, storytelling through music and dance, and ritual invocation of the Moko Jumbie, Damballah, and Cailleach.

Associate Choreographer: Mele Broomes

Thursday 9 February | 14:30-16:00

Storytelling through music with Sukhy Parhar | Free | BOOK HERE

As part of her residency, Sukhy is offering an interactive open workshop. This workshop will give participants an overview of how to design a soundstage to complement a dance piece. It is recommended, but not necessary, that the participants have an idea they want to work on.

Join Sukhy on her creative journey and apply useful skills to your own work!

Friday 10 February | 14:30-16:00 | Residency Sharing | Free | BOOK HERE

As part of her residency, Sukhy will do a work-in-progress sharing of Retropology.

The event will be followed by an open conversation/Q&A with the audience.

*Please note that this event will feature nudity*

Instagram: @sukhdevparhar

Supported through our Artist Residency Programme