Romany Dear | (in) possibilities of connecting

Romany Dear | (in) possibilities of connecting

Monday 20-Friday 24 March

During this residency, Romany intends to keep company to and simultaneously be accompanied by the many layers, complexities, fragmentation and organized chaos that is her dance practice. She will follow her intuition, leaning into sensing, moving from the floor, resting and giving in, defying gravity & resisting verticality, falling and falling some more, shaking, sweating, connecting, vibrating & hydrating. Romany will give time to the continuation of the research and development of a fictional archetype or living species that she is calling “The Connector”, exploring the impossibility of closeness through a hybrid of movement, words, cables and carriers. This work is informed by her recent research around companionship planting (specifically The Three Sisters), exploring support, relationality, inter-dependence and the possibilities for symbiotic coexistence within structures of three. Romany will also dedicate some of the residency to her current movement research called: “Sound Bodies” – an ongoing collaboration between herself and a bell mask, between a dear friend and our mutual material kinks, an encounter that exists across Scotland and Colombia – a sensory relationship between suede and copper, a dance of both pain and pleasure, a meeting of silence and noise, deep cleaning and dribble.

Tuesday 21 & Thursday 23 March | 10:30-11:30 | Morning Practice | BOOK HERE

Join Romany for a moment of personal freedom and connection with others within the same space!

Friday 24 March | 16:00-17:00 | Residency Sharing | BOOK HERE

Join Romany on her residency sharing which will be closest to an open studio and an invitation to connect informally with the work.

Please note that this event may contain loud noises due to the Bell Mask.