Jessie Thompson | Eadrainn / Between Us Residency

Jessie Thompson | Eadrainn / Between Us Residency

Monday 6 - Friday 10 March

This residency is part of Eadrainn / Between Us – a new programme of creative exchange that will build on the existing relationship between Dance Ireland and Dance Base Scotland to provide an opportunity to connect artists across both organisations and countries, to share practice, and to develop an ecology of exchange and collegial support.


During this residency Jessie will continue development on her piece “CRAWLER” which is a solo dance work performed alongside live musician Jason McNamara.

She will work independently in the studio allowing space to expand on the physical and performative elements, away from collaboration or direction. Although this work is structured with choreography, improvisation remains at the core so Jessie will be dedicating hours of this residency each day to up skill on her hip hop freestyle dance to elevate her own practise and the work.

This residency will provide Jessie the necessary time and space to indulge in some time to take her performance in this work to the next level and hopefully meet with peer artists and exchange through conversation and in studio sessions.

Jessie is eager to engage with Scottish artists to explore new connections and develop a relationship with the Scottish Dance Sector throughout this residency in several areas related to her practise, street dance and event organisation, improvisation and Choreography.


About Jessie Thompson:

Jessie Thompson is a Dublin based Dance Artist specialising in Experimental Contemporary and Hip Hop dance.

Jessie is a Dancer, Choreographer and movement director across Live performance and film as well as teaching and mentoring multidisciplinary artists. Jessie is heavily immersed in Ireland’s Street Dance Community as a hip hop dancer who frequently battles and hosts collaborative events. Jessie has recently received several awards from both Dance Ireland and Arts Council Ireland to continue her artistic Development as an early career artist and make her own work. Jessie performed in Emma Martins Night Dances, Liz Roche Lighting Design Project as dancer/choreographer, Dancer From the Dance in “Untethered”, Monica Munoz ‘Connect The Dots’ ,Choreographed 3 short works for Dance2Connect Festival both in NSCD Leeds and Civic Theatre Tallaght, she has worked with theatre Artists OnetwoOnetwo, Tasteinyourmouth and Shaun Dunne in past and upcoming projects.

After some years of creating her own short works for Street dance festivals in Ireland and self-funded projects Jessie was commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival 2022 where she performed her own work in progress “CRAWLER” with ongoing collaborator Jason McNamara which is now in further development. Jessie works with several Irish Artists and production companies creating short films and Music Videos as Choreographer/Movement Director.

Her style of dance and work is unique to her and is a culmination of her broad background mixing several forms of dance trained abroad like Commercial, street dance and Contemporary across La, Poland, Spain, UK , France and Ireland.




Open Improvisation Class with Jessie Thompson on Friday 10 March at 14:00 – 15:30 | Free | BOOK

This class is open to dancers of any level/style who are interested in exploring some improvisation tools and personal creativity. The information is developed by Jessie, being core methods of her practice, and is informed by hip hop freestyle and contemporary dance. This class welcomes dancers from any discipline who want to explore another artists approach to personal expression in improv as well as beginners/artists from other disciplines such as circus or music who want to explore their bodies in a welcoming environment with others.


Open Studio Session with Jessie Thompson Friday 10 March 15:30 – 17:00 | Free | BOOK

To finish her residency Jessie will open her studio time from15:30 – 17:00 to anyone to join after her class, Participants can continue their practise in the space and she invites anyone seeking studio space who wants to just move in the studio on their own terms, mindfully. The music will be played by Jessie but feel free to come with some songs you want to hear. If you want to cypher/exchange or have time for yourself, Jessie looks forward to meeting you there.