Divine Tasinda

Divine Tasinda

Monday 20 Feb - Fri 3 Mar

Divine Tasinda is a Glasgow-based Artist and she specializes in directing, dancing and choreography. She trained in street dance – Hip hop, Afro, Dancehall, Commercial and Experimental other various styles. She also works in fashion and modelling and is one of the owners of Three60 company. And the creators or Ako and House of Kungi. Recent projects Netflix Dance100 2022 (release January/February 2023) Wings solo piece Breakin convention 2022, World’s evolution DIG tramway 2022, Three60 Director / choreographer merchant city festival 2022. including the performer in the film Lagareh – The Last Born by Alberta Whittle (2022), Grin Beatersea theather 2022.

Friday 3 March | 15:30-16:30 | Residency Sharing | Free | BOOK HERE

Divine will be sharing some work at the end of the residency. Her purpose is creating a home for African movements and showcase the influence that it has in our world. She believes that art can heal people.

Instagram: goddess_divine-Tasinda


Supported through our Artist Residency Programme