Christine Thynne | Untitled

Christine Thynne | Untitled

Monday 30 Jan - Friday 3 Feb and Monday 6 - Friday 10 March

At the age of eighty, dancer and kayaker Christine Thynne is setting out to create a solo stage performance.

Terrifying. Christine is investigating how key parts of her identity and interests merge through performance – dance, kayaking, anatomy, a love of the dance studio and of the outdoors. So far, these startling points have pointed towards broader themes of visibility, emergence, confidence and presence. So, here we are.

During their studio creation time at Dance Base, Christine will work alongside mentor Robbie Synge to test how movement might arise from these themes or other starting points. They will also expand on choreographic and film ideas previously briefly touched on. These include experiments with varying the presence or absence of the body, video and audio elements to playfully reveal information to an audience. This project builds on years of technical and performance practice with numerous choreographers and groups and was sparked by a Luminate bursary in early 2022 that supported early research on and around water in Strathspey with Robbie Synge and with photographer Francoise Sti, also joining Christine at Dance Base.


Robbie Synge: Mentor
Françoise Sti: Photographer

Residency Sharings

Monday 30 January | 10:30-11:30 | Pre-Residency Sharing | Free | BOOK HERE

On day one of their residency, Christine and Robbie invite the dance community to a sharing of prior research out of the studio. This will take the form of video documentation, workshopping some simple physical ideas and discussion.
Join Christine and Robbie and they begin this journey at Dance Base with us!

Friday 10 March | 15:30-16:15 | Residency Sharing & Discussion | Free | BOOK HERE

Christine and Robbie would like to share and discuss some of the themes and approaches they have taken and warmly invite your participation.

Supported through our Artist Residency Programme