Charlotte Mclean | Futuristic Folktales

Charlotte Mclean | Futuristic Folktales

Monday 6 - Friday 17 February

Image credit: Logo made by Irodriel Costello

The folktale is a story passed down from generation to generation. What tales will be told of the times todays?

Futuristic Folktales is a myriad of folktales for the stage that strive toward a futuristic utopian world where everyone’s wishes and desires regarding human reproduction are respected, shared and enabled. During the first residency period in November ’22 at Dampfzentrale Bern, the performers will write their own folktales, with the intention of this material being handed down to new performers in Feb ’23. During the two week residency at Dance Base, Edinburgh, we will choreograph these newly created folktales. A science fiction / surrealist / cartoonish / dreamlike / contemporary traditional / queer / intersectional feminist world will be the main ‘drive’.

As well as delving into the politics of reproductive rights across the world today, we will research the folkloric culture of each performers heritage, to see if we can gage a better understanding on the capitalisation of other peoples cultures, appropriation and ownership. We will work with wombs, blood, creatures, universes, trees, costume, light, movement mentors, AV, a dramaturg and stories to create Futuristic Folktales.

Choreographer: Charlotte Mclean
Creative Producer: Helen McIntosh
Performers: Astro Raiz Scheidegger Jorge, Gina Lorenzen, Irodriel Costello
Dramaturg: Nelly Kelly
Movement mentors: Lucy Suggate, Rhys Dennis, Musician: Domenico Angarano. Lighting designer: Emma Jones, Costume designer: Alison Brown.


Thursday 16 February | 10:00-11:00 | Futuristic Folktales – Open Company Class | Free | BOOK HERE

This class is open to professional and non professional dancers.

During this class, participants will practice some of the themes found during the research and development phase of this residency; dance and perhaps sing and create a Futuristic Folktale for the day.

Join Charlotte and delve into her creative process during this class open to all!


Thursday 16 February | 15:30-16:30 | Residency Sharing | Free | BOOK HERE

As part of her residency, Charlotte will share a work-in-progress of Futuristic Folktale. This will be followed by a conversation with the audience.


Friday 17 February | 10:00-11:30 | And – Open Company Class | Free | BOOK HERE

This class is open to professional and non professional dancers.
During this company class, Charlotte would like to delve into some of the themes of her show And that she performed at Dance Base during the Fringe 2022.
And is Charlotte’s first choreographic work. During this workshop participants will follow the ‘my body is my home’ movement score, play with voice-work and create their own And list.


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