White & Givan | New work 'Grace'

White & Givan | New work 'Grace'

Monday 10-Friday 14 January

Image Credit: Mihaela Bodlovic 

This residency will enable us to continue to progress our creative practice in the development of our new creation ‘Grace’, allowing us time to maintain a high level of integrity with regards to what we want to create. Time is fundamental to White & Givan’s artistic vision, enabling us to focus on our creative, emotional, physical and mental recovery by working towards the creation of a new work that we are extremely excited by. This investment from LovedDanceScotland is extremely important to our recovery as creatives based in Scotland and, is key in how we begin again. With the guidance and support of Dance Base we both know this residency will be intrinsic to our recovery and return.

Errol White (Choreographer & Co Artistic Director)

Davina Givan (Choreographer & Co Artistic Director)

Barrie Barreto (Videographer)

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