Tess Letham | Remedy for Memory

Tess Letham | Remedy for Memory

Monday 17-Friday 28 January

Image Credit: Ross Fraser McLean

Remedy for Memory is a fun, multidimensional and accessible piece of dance theatre. The work playfully combines interdisciplinary performance and design, blending amplified characterisation with personal and poignant narratives through thoughtful contemporary storytelling. Shaped through the lens of female perspective, and taking the abstracted form of a live TV talk-show, the performance explores fantasy, ritual, love, friendship, memory, healing and romance through a comical and tender narrative. Revealing intimate anecdotes and pushing the boundaries of our own reality…. This work has been in the making and progressed over a long period of time, with concepts first imagined in 2013/14 with initial collaborator Alice Wilkins. Various research and development stages have been held, supported by Dance Base, The Work Room, Citymoves and Creative Scotland, to explore ideas and perspectives with different collaborators. We are now moving into the final creation and production stage, with a premier in Spring 2022.

Creation and Production Credit list:

Lead Artist: Tess Letham

Performance Collaborators: Nerea Gurrutxaga, Tess Letham, Amy Robyn Lyster, Skye Reynolds

Sound Design: Dinah Mullen

Costume Design: Cleo Rose McCabe

Projection/Video Artist: Mettje Hunneman

Lighting Design: Michaella Fee

Filmmaker: Aph

Producer: Robyn Jancovich-Brown (Stories Untold Productions)

Production Manager: Alma Lindenhovius

Website: tessletham.com

Facebook: @Tess Letham

Twitter: @LethamTess

Instagram: @tessletham