Paragon | SIIATE: Removing exclusion from dance teaching

Paragon | SIIATE: Removing exclusion from dance teaching

Monday 7 Friday 11 March

Image Credit: Raffaello Rouge

The Scotland-Italy Inclusive Artist Training Exchange (SIIATE) was established by Paragon and Italian partners to create spaces for reflexion generative of change in dance education. In Milan, Bologna, Parma, Rovereto, Modena, and now finally Edinburgh, an experienced Scottish-Italian team of facilitators guide a diverse group of emerging and established dance teachers and studio leaders to interrogate their practices through the lenses of ablism, audism and Universal Design, and through this to prepare and deliver innovative training workshops for an inclusive group of emerging dance artists. The project is supported by the Scotland-Europe Fund of the British Council and Creative Scotland in partnership with Dance Base, Teatro Reggio di Parma, Fattoria Vittadini, MICCE, Oriente-Occidente, Cascina Biblioteca, Professione Danza Parma and Api Modena.


Facilitated by Susanna Ferrante, Alessandra Cinque & Alex McCabe

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