Kat Radeva - Two Destination Language | 40 minutes for 40 years

Kat Radeva - Two Destination Language | 40 minutes for 40 years

Monday 21 February - Friday 4 March

Image Credit: Beth Chalmers


I am Katherina, but most people call me Kat. I will be 40 in April 2022 and I am a migrant to this country. I am a woman with short dark hair, my skin tone is light and English is my second language. I arrived in the UK when I was sixteen, on my own, from Bulgaria and since then, I haven’t stopped moving, I haven’t stopped working. This fortieth year feels significant, I am going to spend some time in Dance Base with four other dance artists from the UK, all female and all over 40, some also migrants. 40 minutes for 40 years is a solo piece made with my forty year old changing body and we are going to look at exhaustion, endurance and the female migrant body and the labour all that takes to move through space and spaces. We are also going to look at joy, humour and anarchy. 40 minutes for 40 years will be full of trying, failing and trying again, falling and failing, and trying again and again and again. A perseverance of the tired body. I am really interested in exploring and foregrounding a kind of trial. A kind of trial through dancing.


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