Emma Snellrgove | S E X- Lets Talk About It!

Emma Snellrgove | S E X- Lets Talk About It!

Monday 24 January -Friday 4 February

Image Credit: Dennis Rewt

SEX- Lets Talk About It!? Is born from a desire to dispel shame, fear and rejection of the self and how we relate to one another. It is a celebration of beauty of pleasure, transformation and persona. Identity and sexual persona, the masculine and feminine; are my driving themes of the work, the subtext will explore, sexuality, puberty, menstruation, masturbation, loss, love, rebirth and surrender the arena of relational dynamics, vulnerability v ego, while moving from adolescence into a maturing body while keeping the child like spirit alive and curious. This work aims to be a celebration of the body, to empower, by questioning norms and by dispelling myths around what is right and wrong and stepping unashamedly into desire! I am making this for an audience that enjoys satirical and outlandish provocation with a heartfelt rhythm. Our greatest gift is to celebrate our life and lean into the uncomfortable so we can release, rewrite and reprogram what no longer serves us. This is our gift.

Bijayini Satpathy- Will support me with the 7 Sex Temples of India (Idolising Sex through erotic sculptures) and Odissi Mudras for expression.

Janette Ayachi- Dramaturge

Esther Blázquez Blanco- Producer

website: www.emmasnellgrove.com