Clive Andrews | Something Happened

Clive Andrews | Something Happened

Monday 7-Friday 11 March

Image Credit: Rowan Virgo

Following the death of his wife Janis Claxton, Clive came across the phrase ‘living in present absence’ which became the foundation of this artistic exploration of grief. The notion of ‘living in present absence’ is explored through in-depth research of the concepts of ‘disembodied presence’ and ‘embodied absence’. These concepts gained extra weight as Lockdown erased the ‘embodied presence’ of a number of live performers from the work which have now become ‘disembodied presences’ projected or digitally displayed in this immersive work of Aerial Dance Theatre.

Alice Smith

Sarah Bebe Holmes

Joanne Pirrie

Skye Reynolds

Chris Duddy

Angus Balbernie

Susan Hay

Instagram: @cliveandrewsdirector