Laura Fisher | meeting / moving / shifting frames

Laura Fisher | meeting / moving / shifting frames

Monday 4 - Friday 8 December

Image credit: Luas Kao

This residency supports an R&D period for Laura & Lucas to experiment and collaborate, ahead of working together on a film installation of Laura’s project FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) in 2024. The film installation builds on a short work-in-progress which was made through three days of collaboration between Laura & Lucas and premiered at Rhubarb festival in Toronto in January 2023. The film uses the intimacy of the lens to capture up close an intimate relationship between Laura’s body and their sculptural collaborators (7 sheets of copper metal). It leans into themes of human X non-human entanglements, utilising close-up shots which ‘cut’ the body into abstract forms, queering and cripping notions of objectification, sexualisation and medicalisation.

The residency will centre experimentation and collaboration, using the time to work together in the studio with the camera, getting to explore methods for capturing the material, experiment with the relationship between body/lens/sculpture and ways to acknowledge and play with concepts of gaze and the unseen body behind the camera.

Throughout the residency, we will create a moving image scrapbook, collaging ideas and materials through recording of film, sound and conversation to create a digital collage of our research and collaboration.



Thursday 7 December | Social Media Takeover

Keep an eye on our social channels as Laura and Lucas share their practice through the day.


About Laura Fisher & Lucas Kao:

Laura Fisher (they/she), is a queer, disabled, dance artist based in Glasgow. Their practice is rooted in the expanded field of dance, but the form of their work is varied and multidisciplinary, spanning dance, sculpture, live art, participatory practice, and design. They approach all their work with the fundamental principles of research, collaboration, and integrated access. Central to her practice are questions around space: Who occupies it? Who can access it? Who is visible? How you/we experience moving through it? Drawing on definitions of ecology that decentre the human, they regularly collaborate with materials to question human X material relations and our perceptions of a material value, away from that of commodities and towards their own artistic agency.

Lucas Chih-Peng Kao (he/him) is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist working across dance, video, performance and installation. Born in Taiwan and based in Edinburgh. As a dance filmmaker, he has developed a body of work, working with choreographers and dancers to make documentaries, experimental narrative films, music videos and installations. Lucas has also developed himself as a movement practitioner and performer using techniques from dance, contact improvisation and physical theatre.
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Supported through our Paid Artist Residency Programme