Ursula Manandhar & Nevil Jose | Reflection

Ursula Manandhar & Nevil Jose | Reflection

Monday 28 November - Friday 9 December

Image Credit: Scott Akoz insta:@scottakoz

‘Reflection’ was one of the first theatre pieces that Nevil and Ursula have worked on together, so the residency would give more experience on co-choreographing and delving into a theatre piece, and performing a piece choreographed by ourselves. ‘Reflection’ depicts the internal conflict of the heart versus the mind arising in an individual transplanted from their traditional culture to a new life. During the residency with Dance Base, we’ll be working on breaking down sections of the piece to re-evaluate movements, and to alter or extend parts under the guidance of dance artists with specialised experiences.

Lead Artists: Ursula Manandhar & Nevil Jose
Collaborator: Charan Pradhan

Work-in-Progress Sharing

Friday 9 December | 16:00 – 17:00 | Free | BOOK

ou can come along to a free sharing of ‘Reflection’ at the end of the two week residency.

Supported through our Artist Residency Programme