Claire Pencak & Saffy Setohy | Garden Series

Claire Pencak & Saffy Setohy | Garden Series

Monday 24 - Saturday 29 October

Image Credit: Claire Pencak

Claire and Saffy share an interest in cultivating ecological, embodied practices. Earlier this year they participated in Becoming Earthly, an online seminar series organised by Barn Arts for artists interested in developing new practices for living on Earth.

Their residency explores how they might shape some of the ideas and learning generated through Becoming Earthly as a collaborative movement project sowing the seeds for a new (re)generative body of work(s). Working with the metaphor of a hothouse, they are approaching this residency as an experimental lab working between the studio and a local community garden. The garden space provides a place to explore sensory relationship with plant life forms and choreographic practices of ‘Becoming Earthly’. The garden also invites an attunement to the patterning of cyclical and seasonal time. Claire and Saffy will work from organic, dynamic and process-led forms towards rhizomatic choreographies. Collaborators with social and environmental art practices will join them for short durations to bring different knowledges, perspectives and provocations to their process, seeding and pollinating new creative connection, cultivating a ‘garden of practices’. They will work in parallel and together, witness each other working, and create participatory group scores to try in their ‘Harvest’ sharing event at the end of the residency.

Thanks to Simon Whitehead for mentoring support.

Work-in-Progress Sharing at the Royal Hospital Community Gardens

Saturday 29th October | 11.00-12.00 | Free | BOOK HERE

Join Scotland based dance artists / choreographers Saffy Setohy and Claire Pençak as they explore our sensory relationship to plant life!

After a week-long residency in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Community Gardens, in partnership with Dance Base they will share their research, through an informal event which will include some performed choreographic scores and a participatory, seasonal ritual.

Freshly baked scones and cups of tea provided!

This event is open to all, family-friendly and accessible to wheelchair and push-chair users. Please write to if you have any access requirements and/or questions.  

This is an outdoor performance so please bring waterproof and warm clothes to be prepared for any kind of weather. 

Cyrenians Community Gardens
Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Morningside Terrace
EH10 5HF

Facebook: Saffy Setohy Dance Artist 
Twitter: @Saffy_dance 
Instagram: SaffySetohy

Supported through our Artist Residency Programme