Vogue Sessions

Monthly Open to All Vogue Practice with the Scottish Chapter of The Kiki House of Tea

Please note these sessions are currently on hold until the Dance Base building reopens

Suitable for all levels | 16+ | £3 payable in cash

* No advance booking: Please just turn up and pay on the day.*

Voguing is an underground dance-based art form that comes from the Ballroom scene, created by the Black and Latinx LGBT communities in prisons and the Harlem drag balls.

It came into recognisable form by the 60s, and promotes liberation and community building through performance, self-determination, and House culture. Houses are alternate kinship systems formed as support networks, with parents of each House mentoring and guiding their children.

The Kiki House of Tea is an international family and part of the Kiki scene. It was founded by Overall Father Jay Jay Revlon in London, with members across the UK, Europe and Canada.

The practice is an inclusive and welcoming space for all people who would like to discover authentic Ballroom culture and voguing, learn the history and context of the artform, and the foundations of the main voguing styles (Old Way, New Way and Vogue fem), alongside other Ballroom artforms.

It doesn't matter if you've not danced or heard of voguing before. This is a safe, no-pressure space for people of all abilities, backgrounds & experiences to discover Ballroom, discover themselves and most importantly to have fun! We'll see you on the floor!

The Kiki House of Tea also organises workshops and events.

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