Summer Artist Residency Programme Call Out

Lucy Suggate: Cosmic Sculptures (Amy Sinead Photography)

Photo Credit: Cosmic Sculptures, Lucy Suggate & Jack Webb, by Amy Sinead

Throughout the year Dance Base offer a series of paid residencies to professional dance artists, choreographers and companies who are based in Scotland to develop their work in a supportive, well equipped, and welcoming space. We are now accepting applications for our Summer term which will run from the 25th April - 1st July.

Each residency provides:  

  • A studio space at our home in Edinburgh 
  • Funds that cover the residency budget provided at application and an additional access budget to support any requirements
  • The opportunity to share and discuss your practice with the Dance Base team, your peers and the wider dance sector.  

We strive to support artists at each stage of their career and welcome applications for proposals at all levels.

Have any questions or need some assistance with your application? Our Artist Support Programme is here to help!

Our Artist Support Programme provides 1-2-1 Producing Surgeries for all artists and our team are here to help with any questions you have about the opportunity and your application. This could range from chatting through your idea to proof reading your application. Please contact our Associate Producer Laila Noble on to book in for a session and check out our website for more information. Please also contact Laila if you require this information in an alternative format or have access requirements we need to meet to support you in making an application.


How it works: 

Our residency programme is structured around three terms: 

  • Spring (January – April, 13 weeks)  
  • Summer (April – July, 10 weeks) 
  • Autumn (September – December, 13 weeks)  

Space is provided on a weekly basis (Monday – Friday) in two of our studio spaces, enabling a total offer of 72 weeks 

Our average annual budget is £25,000 and this will be split between each term with approximately £8,500 per term. 

Applications are made three times a year through an open call process. Applicants are asked to answer a series of short questions and to provide a fully costed budget (support and templates available). All applications will be read by the Dance Base Artistic Director and members of the Artist Advisory Group (12 artists who reflect the diversity of voices that make up the Scottish dance sector).

The panel will decide the allocation of residency places by assessing:  

  • The information provided in the application, and how this gives a sense of the artistic process for the submitted idea
  • How the artists will use, and ultimately benefit from, the space and resources provided
  • Whether the scope of the residency is realistic and manageable in the time frame and resources available
  • The diversity of voices represented through the residencies
  • The distribution of opportunities across the sector


Residencies for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) and d/Deaf and Disabled Artists: 

Dance Base recognise that there are significant barriers to working in the dance sector and that these challenges are experienced more acutely by those facing marginalisation and deep-rooted systemic injustice. As part of our on-going commitment to support artists who have this lived experience and ensuring that we support the full vibrancy of the dance sector in Scotland, we guarantee that at least one of our residencies each year will go to a lead artist who identifies as a member of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities and that at least one will go to a lead artist who identifies as d/Deaf or Disabled. This is a minimum but not a limit.   

Artists are invited to identify if they are part of these communities in their application form and this will be brought into the decision panel making as the residencies are allocated. 


What we are looking for: 

Our Residency programme is open to artists at any stage of their career and we welcome applications for proposals at all levels. 


What the Dance Base residency provides: 

  • A clean, warm studio space Monday – Friday roughly 09:00 – 17:00 (times vary per studio) 
  • The full funding that the artist requires to:  
    • Pay fair artist fees to themselves and their collaborators  
    • Cover travel & accommodation costs 
  • Artistic mentoring from the Artistic Director (on request) 
  • Basic studio sound equipment (See our equipment list)
  • Free wireless internet
  • Exclusive access to a shared Greenroom, changing rooms (including showers and lockers) and kitchen 
  • An additional access budget to support the artist and their collaborators as they require

Applicants are asked to provide a budget and rationale for their expenditure.  Dance Base will not set a limit for what they can apply for but will provide clear best practice guidance on rates of pay and provide a list of what additional support Dance Base can offer in-kind (e.g. technical equipment). Dance Base will endeavour to cover the budget as proposed but may outline activities that we cannot fund and ask for an amended budget to reflect this. 

As part of the week, each residency artist will be invited to share their practice with their peers, the public and the sector if this is suitable for them to do so. 

As an idea, sharings could take the form of:  

  • A taught company class or sharing of practice for the dance sector 
  • An artist led conversation 
  • An open studio afternoon 
  • A structured work-in-progress sharing at the end of the week 
  • Or anything that compliments and enhances and artist’s residency experience.  

While this is encouraged, it is not compulsory. We understand that each project will be at a different stage and that the decision of if, and what, to share must be bespoke and beneficial to your project. The sharing element will be discussed with the artist and the Artistic Director and Programmes Manager once the residency has been offered. 


Who it is for: 

The Paid Residency programme is open to: 

  • Artists who are predominantly based in Scotland (this applies to the lead artists - you can welcome collaborators from outside of Scotland but we may not be able to support travel & accommodation costs for these individuals) 
  • Artists who see their work as based in physical or choreographic practices 

The Paid Residency programme is not open to: 

  • Artists who are predominantly based outside of Scotland 
  • Artists who are in full time academic study. This is because students have access to rehearsal facilities already through their institution.  
  • Artists who are already members of the DEBS scheme as they already receive free studio space as part of their support.  

If you are ineligible for the paid residency but are interested in being part of our programme please see our In-Kind Studio Space & Support programme, or contact Kirsty Somerville, Head of Professional Programme, on  


The Budget: 

Starting for the Autumn term 2021, Dance Base commit to provide the full funding that the artist requires to pay themselves and their collaborators to deliver their residency. Applicants are asked to complete the Template Budget and submit this with their application. Our producing team will be on hand to support applicants who have questions about creating a budget.  

Dance Base have a total budget of £25,000 for the yearly Residency programme (approximately £8,500 per term) and this will be used to fund each successful residency as they require. This will mean that we will fund fewer residencies, but that the ones we do support will be fairly paid and valued. This does not represent an expectation for larger pieces of work or for ‘finished’ pieces, but rather a reflection of the work that is being undertaken during residencies (accounting for varying numbers of collaborators and expenses). 

When creating your budget, we ask you to ensure that your payment rates abide by fair pay standards as laid out by the ITC as a minimum. 


Dance Base will support: 

  • Artist fees for those taking part in the residency
  • Travel & Accommodation expenses 

Dance Base are unable to support: 

  • Additional technical hires (you can see our in-house provision here) 
  • Hospitality expenses 
  • Marketing or promotional fees 

Our annual budget of £25,000 will unfortunately not be able to support all the applications that we receive across the year. We therefore ask that when compiling your budget that you consider any additional funding that you have in place to support the project already and incorporate this into your request to Dance Base accordingly. For example, if you have Creative Scotland funding to support the lead artists time already, we expect this cost not to appear in your ask from Dance Base. 

This will ensure that we can support the largest number of artists possible. 

Budget to Support Access Requirements:
Dance Base are committed to providing an accessible programme. Additional funds and provisions are available to support access requirements for artists and their collaborators. We ask that you identify potential costs in your budget in the section provided. This information will be used to help our Producing team anticipate the budget spend - it will NOT have any impact on the panel's decision. We will endeavour to provide the support required and this will be agreed in conversation between the Artist and Dance Base once the residency is offered.

If you have any question or would like to discuss this further please contact Kirsty Somerville, 


How to apply: 

Applicants will be invited to complete and submit the following items: 

  • A Residency Application Form: The online application can be completed in a written or video/audio recording format and the form details work count and recording duration. Visual quality, camera and editing skills will not be taken into consideration for filmed submissions and spelling and grammar will not form part of the consideration of written applications. Please also provide a link to more information about your practice - this could be a CV, personal statement or a link to your website. You will receive a copy of your application once you have submitted and edits can be made up until the deadline.
  • A Residency Budget: Please use the template provided and attach this to the application form in the section provided. The budget should detail the fee that you require to deliver the residency week. The template is just a guide so please do expand and edit as you need.
  • An Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Form: This is anonymous and will be used to capture who we are reaching with our call outs. 

The application form and EDI form are submitted online. If you have any problems or require the documents in an alternative format please contact Kirsty Somerville, Head of Professional Programme, at 


Submission Deadlines: 

Our call out for the Summer Residency Programme (25th April - 1st July) is now open. The deadline for applications is the 31st January at 12:00.

Applicants will be informed of the panel members after the closing date so that conflicts of interest can be declared and mitigated.  


How the decision is made: 

Applications will be read by the Artistic Director and four members of the Artist Advisory Group – a group of artists who represent the diverse array of voices and lived experiences that make up the Scottish dance sector. The decision of who the residency weeks are allocated to will be based on: 

  • The information provided in the application, and how this gives a sense of the artistic process for the submitted idea
  • How the artists will use, and ultimately benefit from, the space and resources provided
  • Whether the scope of the residency is realistic and manageable in the time frame and resources available
  • The diversity of voices represented through the residencies
  • The distribution of opportunities across the sector

The panel will create a shortlist and then the Artistic Director and Programmes Manager will work together to examine the logistics of the programme in relation to budget, studio availability and dates. The Artistic Director will make the final decision on the programme. 

Should you wish to have a conversation about the application process, require this information in an alternative format, or have access requirements we need to meet to support you in making an application please contact Kirsty Somerville, Head of Professional Programme at Dance Base on 

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