Space, Nature, Nurture | Winter Residency Series

Space Nature Nurture

In Plain Site by Trisha Brown | Image by Christopher Duggan 2017

Dance Base are delighted to introduce Space, Nature, Nurture |Winter Residency Series, a unique residency opportunity for dance/movement artists to immerse themselves in and work with the natural and sculpted outdoor landscape of Jupiter Artland in West Lothian.

Scotland is a hugely rich, diverse and varied landscape that cannot only be an incredible source of inspiration, but which can also act as a creative collaborator and be a central element of performance work. This Autumn, thanks to funding from the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund and partnership with Jupiter Artland, we are seeking four Scotland-based dance/movement artists who have a genuine interest in developing material in, with and in response to the unique natural environment and in collaborating with ecologies as a central part of their work.

The Space, Nature, Nurture | Winter Residency Series will be presented in collaboration with Jupiter Artland, and will provide artists with a 1-2 week residential residency at Jupiter Artland between the winter months of November and December. The Park will be closed to the public during this time providing artists with full access to the Sculpture Park and its incredibly unique landscape.

The Residency will provide:

  • Space: 1-2 week fully paid residency at Jupiter Artland with accommodation for up to 4 people in the Artist House on site
  • Nature: unlimited access to the Sculpture Park at Jupiter Artland to engage with its unique ecologies, landscape and the season
  • Nurture: Access to producing support from the Dance Base team to deliver the residency and to explore options for the work moving forward if suitable, and financial support to work with a mentor of the artists choice

The residencies must take place between November and December 2021 and artists should be understanding of and prepared to work in challenging winter conditions. There is no indoor dance studio and very limited indoor work/office space available at Jupiter Artland so the artists should be prepared to work outdoors in all weathers.

Each residency must incorporate an element of audience engagement and provide a way for the artist to reconnect or establish links with their audience. This could range from a simple blog post featuring writings or clips documenting the process, right up to a work-in-progress sharing. The form of this will be decided by the artists and should be beneficial to your process.

Please note that this is not an artist retreat but rather an invitation to connect directly to the landscape and natural ecologies of a unique outdoor environment.


What the Space, Nature, Nurture | Winter Residency Series will provide:

We are seeking proposals from independent dance/movement artists and choreographers based in Scotland that will connect with the natural environment and ecologies of Jupiter Artland. Each artist will receive:

  • A 1-2 week residential residency at Jupiter Artland with accommodation in the Artist House from November – December 2021. Applications can be made for solo artists or for work with collaborators (the house can sleep up to four people*). Solo artists will be offered the opportunity to hold their residency alongside another solo artist and share the artist house together for this time if this is suitable and agreed upon by both parties.
  • A residency budget to cover artist fees, travel costs, subsistence, props and additional technical hires, outdoor equipment and insurance. There is a total fund of £20,000 available to support approximately four artists with an average budget of £5,000.
  • An additional budget to cover any access provision
  • An additional budget to cover any childcare costs (if you require a child minder to be present for the duration of your residency please detail them as a collaborator in your budget as this will impact the capacity of the accommodation. Please note children under 12 are not usually allowed in the Artist House, if this is required please let Kirsty Somerville know in advance of applying and we can discuss how this can be supported)
  • Financial support to welcome a mentor of your choice to support your residency. This could take place before, during or beyond your time in residence and the costs should be in included in your overall budget request
  • Producing and administrative support from the Programmes Manager and Assistant Producer

*Two double bedrooms and one twin room


Who the Space, Nature, Nurture | Winter Residency Series are for:

The Space, Nature, Nurture | Winter Residency Series are for Artists who:

  • See their work as based in physical or choreographic practices
  • Who see themselves as working at a professional level and are at any stage of their career
  • Are predominantly based in Scotland (this applies to the lead artists - you can welcome collaborators from outside of Scotland) 
  • Have a genuine interest in responding to the natural and sculpted landscape of Jupiter Artland
  • Have experience in making work outdoors and an understanding of the challenging conditions that this may bring, particularly in the winter months
  • Are resourceful and independent – there is no indoor studio space available to provide support during the day so the artist will need to be fairly self-sufficient
  • Respectful of the landscape at Jupiter Artland and happy to take a “leave no trace” approach with their process and research


The Budget:

The Space, Nature, Nurture | Winter Residency Series has a total budget of £20,000 which we anticipate will support 4 projects with an average budget of £5,000, though we do welcome smaller and larger budgets, with consideration of the total available and a maximum application of £7,000

Dance Base commit to providing the full funding that each artist requires to deliver their project and to pay themselves and their collaborators fairly. Applicants are asked to complete the Template Budget and submit this with their application. Our producing team are on hand to support applicants who have questions about creating a budget, please contact

When creating your budget, we ask you to ensure that your payment rates abide by fair pay standards as laid out by the ITC as a minimum.

Artists are required to hold adequate Public Liability Insurance insurance cover for themself, the project and their collaborators to work outdoors.

There is cooking facilities in the Artist House but the onsite cafe will be closed.


Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) and d/Deaf and Disabled Artists: 

Dance Base recognise that there are significant barriers to working in the dance sector and that these challenges are experienced more acutely by those facing marginalisation and deep-rooted systemic injustice. This includes people with protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010 across age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation alongside those with chronic illness, neurodiversity, parental/caring responsibilities, experience of the immigration system and people from working-class and criminal-class backgrounds.

We are committed to increasing the diversity of artists working in our sector and especially welcome applications from those who identify as having characteristics currently under-represented in our sector.

As part of our on-going commitment to support artists who have this lived experience and ensuring that we support the full vibrancy of the dance sector in Scotland, we guarantee that at least one of the residencies will be made to a lead artist who identifies as a member of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities. This is a minimum but not a limit.   

Artists are invited to identify if they are part of these communities on the Cover Sheet and this will be brought into the decision panel making as the awards are allocated. 


Budget to Support Access Requirements:

Dance Base are committed to ensuring that all artists can access the Space, Nature, Nurture | Winter Residency Series and we have a separate budget to support access requirements for artists and their collaborators to deliver their residency as required.  

Any associated costs or adjustments will be discussed with the successful applicant(s) after the decision to fund is made and the costs of this do not need to be accounted for in your residency fee.

We appreciate that the Jupiter Artland landscape may pose additional challenges for some artists due to the uneven nature of the paths and grounds. If you would like to have a conversation around your access requirements before applying, please contact Kirsty Somerville, Programmes Manager at Dance Base on 

Accessibility information on the site can be found here:


How to apply:

To apply applicants will be invited to complete and submit the following form: 

An Application Form with an Expression of Interest answering the following questions: 

  • What would you like to explore/research/experiment with during your residency?
  • What appeals to you about this opportunity?
  • What previous experience do you have of working outdoors, and how will you approach working in the winter landscape?
  • How will you engage with audiences and share your process?

This should be either as a video/audio recording of no more than 6 minutes or in a written format of no more than 800 words. Visual quality, camera and editing skills will not be taken into consideration for filmed submissions and spelling and grammar will not form part of the consideration of written applications. 

A Residency Budget: The budget should detail the fees that you require to deliver your residency

A Cover Sheet: This asks for your contact information. To ensure your data is protected this page will be removed from your application by our producing team prior to sending it to the decision-making panel.

link to more information about your practice: This could be a CV, personal statement or a link to your website.   

A completed Equality Diversity, and Inclusion monitoring form, if you feel comfortable to do so.


Please send these documents to Kirsty Somerville, Programmes Manager, on 

Deadline: Monday 4th October, 11.00am

Panel meet: Thursday 7th October

Artists Informed: Monday 11th October


Judging Criteria:

The selection panel will be comprised of Tony Mills (Dance Base Scotland), Nicky Wilson & Wezi Mhura (Jupiter Artland) and two members of the Dance Base Artist Advisory Group.

The panel will base their decision on a range of factors including:

  • The information provided in the expression of interest, and how the questions are answered
  • Whether the scope of the residency is realistic and manageable in the time frame and resources available
  • The diversity of voices represented through the residencies
  • The distribution of opportunities across the sector


Should you wish to have a conversation about the application process, require this information in an alternative format, or have access requirements we need to meet to support you in making an application please contact: Kirsty Somerville, Programmes Manager at Dance Base on 

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