Artistic Director's Blog, 9 March 2018

Artistic Director's Blog, 9 March 2018

Big news – we just opened a window. We are always doing that metaphorically, ain't it, but today literally – a first for this year! SO lovely to have light and air in the house and also to have so much stuff to talk about that this blog is going to be really long and very detailed. No – just kidding.

I will save you from the endless words and point you towards the newsletter link below – which includes a list of events and opportunities and residency showings of new ideas from our Associate Artists and from dance makers we hardly know as yet. Look out also for the opportunity to get those Voguing skills sharpened up; and the chance to spend time with our very own Matt Roe whose clarity of mind, coupled with laid-back vibe, is a joy to behold.

Upcoming Professional Workshops at Dance Base:

Perusing The Work Room newsletter lately, I can see clearly – what a great line-up of good things are going on over on the West Coast. I was so happy to see the very fine Diane Torr Bursary, and on the 23rd March the magnificent Ms Bowditch leads a free workshop and discussion called 'The Art of Being a Trip Hazard'. Genius title. (Our patron Mark Morris once told me when he dies he wants to be buried so he can be used as a speed bump!) Then Mr Thrills brings his hips to town on March 24/25th.

Meanwhile we are cooking up some professional workshops for the next terms. Any recently discovered wonders you have found? Let us know. Like our Spring windows, we are open and er … transparent!

See you soon,


Click here for Dance News Pro – the Dance Base newsletter, filled with professional dance news, events, workshops and opportunities.

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