Artistic Director's Blog, 2 June 2018

Artistic Director's Blog, 2 June 2018

First of all a big happy birthday to The Work Room, a strapping 10 years old with a bright future ahead. This is a birthday party you don’t want to miss (although, unfortunately, I will!) at the Art School in Glasgow. Check out this link this link and give to their great Beyond project, or quickly find someone who will/can.

It was a lazy Sunday, I was baking, barely containing my excitement at finding a gluten free doughnuts recipe (aka Snickerdoodles) when I realised that PRIME were involved in choreographed group hugging for the Edinburgh International Children's Festival at the National Museums – and if I didn’t get my skates on (pinny off) I would miss it.

What the hey I thought, it's just hugging, I could miss it, I know what hugs look like – but I whipped off the pinny and raced up to Chambers Street and experienced one of the MOST beautiful experiences of the year. Thanks to the visionary skills of Tin Crate with the sweet voices of the Gaelic childrens choir, Lyra in North Edinburgh and the continuously awesome presence of PRIME and compadres including Associate Artist Claricia Kruithof and Mark Bleakley (both in residence here from 4-8 June). What a genuinely glorious event, leaving a smile with everyone.

Further into all things warm-hearted is Christina Liddell who has been working with the Sick Kids Hospital and is now fundraising to make a magical work called Glimpsing Air Pockets. Dig deep or dig shallow but please, do dig.

This week, our studio showings are Joan Clevillé Dance and that legend Ms Solene Weinachter who are brewing their kind of magic. In Studio 4, Chrissie Ardill/Underhand Dance is also working on a new solo. Always a treat to see what all of these original minds and bodies have been finding in the space and themselves.

Then at the weekend, the Hidden Door dance bounces back into the amazing building, that is Leith Theatre, with Hagit Yakira, SDT, Claricia Kruithof, Lucas Chi-Peng and Kai-Wen Chuang, Janis Claxton dance & film from The Baruas. It's been fun to be part of the support network for the whole frisky, happy malarkey.

Next week, Rise Up or Rise, up in Findhorn and full of pleasures great and small. Findhorn itself being one of them. Find out more here. And if you can't get that far up the road check out Ballet Black in Dundee here.

Fringe Festival, anyone? OK it's true, not with us until August but bookings open on June 15th, possible earlier every year. If you can't afford tickets but fancy parading around the Edinburgh streets in our gorgeous merch, chatting to hungover or confused but adorable punters and getting free seats in all our fabulous shows, then contact us to be part of our now possibly legendary Festival Street Team. You get to keep the merch and the memories. We are also recruiting for a Front of House Assistant (summer temp). Find out more here.

As ever, if you’ve got this far in this Dance News blog then you must be devoted. Thank you...

Now a favour to ask. Please let me know if there are any amazing teachers you’ve discovered on your travels and who you would like us to invite here. We have the people, the keys and the space to make it happen. All you have to do is tell us what you want. It's that easy.

See you soon,


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