Professional Aerial Workshops & Studio Use

Pro Aerial

As part of our support for professional aerial dance artists Dance Base are delighted to be hosting a series of Aerial Workshops for professional aerial dance artists, and to offer weekly open studio space for shared practice and rehearsal.


Professional Aerial Dance Training

Mondays 17th January - 4th April | 13:30 – 15:00 (except 7th March & 14th March)

£5 per person | To book your place please click here select the date and book through the website, or book in person at reception. Booking will open one week in advance.

This fee contributes to the upkeep of the aerial equipment

Each Monday Dance Base are providing an open training session for professional aerialists / aerial dance practitioners in Studio 3.

Studio 3 has 2 x 7m high pulley points, plus lower points around the room, suitable for aerial training. This session is for those working in the aerial sector to train, rehearse and explore. If you have not used studio 3 before please contact to arrange an induction to the space.



Professional Aerial Dance Workshops, presented in partnership with All or Nothing

£15 per person, per workshop | To book your place please click here, select the date and book through the website, or book in person at reception. 

A series of workshops for professional aerialists / aerial dancers around different practical themes to improve our creative practice, health & safety and teaching, led by All or Nothing.


Tuesday 25th January | 11:00 - 12:30

We start the series with a basic rigging workshop from Imogen Michel on 25th January, looking at basic rigging procedures every professional aerialist and practitioner should have in their knowledge.


Tuesday 22nd February | 11:00 - 12:30

In February Sarah Bebe Holmes to hold a Creative Aerial Workshop - this is a practical, physical workshop designed to reinspire your creativity within your aerial practice.

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