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Dance Base (Scotland) and Yaraqa (Lebanon) present PRECIPITATE: a bespoke creation Lab that connects dance artists from Scotland and Lebanon in a series of online and in-person encounters, which facilitate the opportunity to create, collaborate and exchange. Taking place between July and October 2022, the Lab culminates into an in-person portion to take place in Edinburgh Scotland between 3 - 14 October 2022. 

Supported through the British Council International Collaboration Fund, PRECIPITATE is the second round of initiative following the micro-forum*, as part of CATAPULT.body - a partnership pilot program between Yaraqa and British Council Lebanon for professionals in the field of dance and movement looking to identify and access opportunities for support, growth and development.


The dance and movement sectors in Lebanon and Scotland have their differences and similarities: Lebanon faces an unprecedented economic collapse and shifts in the political landscape while Scotland faces socio-economic impacts resulting from Brexit and growing pressures on sustainable careers in the arts. These changes - uncertain and unpredictable - directly affect artists and their work by creating precarity around self-producing models and short term opportunities. In this specific context, both Yaraqa and Dance Base share a sense of duty to address sustainability in direct conversation with artists, by providing the time, space and people to strengthen their ecosystems to favour, reinforce & focus on long term creative processes and their outcomes now and in times of uncertainty. 



PRECIPITATE takes a bespoke hands-on approach to labs and residencies by investigating how artists can thrive within the intersection of dance with the creative economy as sustainable, feasible and (re)producible productions, in the following ways:

There is no overarching theme…Instead, there is a methodology

By restraining from a common theme, the Lab opens the content up to any topics and formats the participants are interested in exploring, while focusing on an approach to discovering creative modalities, holistically designing productions and by-products, and partnering with industry and cross-industry experts….all to support the creation of work as a complete package. To facilitate this, artists will attend mandatory online workshops on subjects related to the aims set within the lab by them alongside Yaraqa and Dance Base. 


Ecosystems are at the core of the lab 

The aim is to strengthen the dance and movement ecosystem through cross-cultural and cross-industry collaborations, capacity building, and information exchange between and amongst artists in Lebanon and Scotland, and other industry experts. The artists will create their own groups for self-directed research - which will include at least one Lebanon-based artist and one Scotland-based artist - and bridge with industry & cross-industry partners and mentors.


The expert is you

We hold value in the expertise and knowledge that each artist shows up with. Therefore we act solely as intermediaries: facilitating and aiding in the building of content, support system, mentorships and upskilling workshops. In this way, the artists inform each other.  


The outcomes are versatile and yours to set. 

We recognize the importance of specificity and goals, however we choose not to impose these upon each artist. Each artist and their groups will work on a creation or idea (a performance, film, workshop, ergonomic chair, boardgame, etc..), with the opportunity to present whatever stage of production they are in with each other and their mentors.
In this way, the priority is the quality and process - not the goal of completion. 


The relationship is a long term one

We understand the isolating feeling that can set in when labs and residencies end. It feels impersonal. We address this by incorporating a system that would allow the artists to continue their work with each other, maintain long term relationships with industry experts and PRECIPITATE. 



Each artist and their group will establish their own timelines and workflow in relation to the following mandatory* dates:

Phase 1 | Establishing the foundation

  • 18 July |  1 session of introductions [Includes artists, Yaraqa and Dancebase]
  • 19 - 25 July |  2 sessions  of 1-1 consultations to develop the programme based on artists’ needs, including discussion of mentors for mentorship programme

Phase 2 | Diving into practice 

  • 8th - 26 August | 1 session of mentorship 
  • 5 – 30 September
    • 4 sessions of online workshops involving the full group
    • 4 sessions for self directed creation/experimentation/research  where artists  will work together in pairs with international counterparts. If required, access to studio space will be provided
    • 1 session of mentorship  
  • 3 – 14 October | 
    • 14 days (max) in-person residency at Dance Base in Edinburgh, Scotland
    • 1 session of mentorship 

Phase 3 | Future-proofing 

  • 14 - 18 November | 1 session of mentorship
  • 21 - 25 November | 1 session of full cohort coming back together to evaluate and discover ways to move forward.

*The mandatory days don’t necessarily take place consecutively. In addition, the specific dates of the 1-1 meetings and online workshops will be set during phase 1 in coordination with the artists, Yaraqa, Dancebase and workshop leaders.

Session Durations ( subject to change)

  • Introduction session up to 3 hours online
  • 1-1 consultation sessions up to 2 hour each online
  • Mentorship sessions up to 2 hour each online
  • Online workshop sessions up to 7 hours each online
  • Creation/research sessions up to 7 hours each hybrid (online/in-person) 



For the duration of the lab, the selected artists will be supported with the following:

  • A total artist fee of £3,000. This will be based on:
    • Phase 1 - 3 // £150 per day for 12 days (inclusive of all sessions). This will cover the welcoming day, the online digital portion of the lab & self directed studio research, the mentoring session and the closing meeting (£1,800)
    • Phase 2 // £600 per week for the two-week  residency in Scotland (£1,200)
  • Travel, visa costs and accommodation for the duration of the two-week residency at Dance Base in Edinburgh, Scotland (as required)
  • A per diem payment of £30 per day during the two-week residency at Dance Base (if based outside of Edinburgh) (max £420 depending on travel dates)
  • Access to, meeting / studio space for the periods of self-directed studio research during the September lab where possible
  • An additional budget to support any access requirements during the Lab, including childcare costs. We will endeavour to provide the support required and this will be agreed in conversation between the Artist, Dance Base and Yaraqa once the position is offered.



As this Lab has a collaborative aspect to it, we have limited the capacity to 6 artists (3 Lebanon based, 3 Scotland based).

We ask that each artist who applies is able and willing to demonstrate that they:

  • Are a mid-career professional dance and movement artist
  • Have the capacity to commit time to the mandatory dates over the course of five months as indicated by the timeline above
  • Are based in Lebanon or Scotland 
  • See their work as based in physical or choreographic practices, in any style or background
  • Have a track record of a professional level practice
  • Have a desire and readiness to build long-lasting relationships with fellow peers, both local and international
  • Are able to work comfortably in a self-directed manner and submerge themselves in the experience
  • Have a readiness to create and build productions in a self-paced and collaborative environment
  • Have a willingness and desire to explore cross-industry and cross-cultural channels of collaboration and communication 

For UK applicants only. At least one of the places in the UK will go to a lead artist who identifies as a member of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour community. You will be asked to stipulate this in the application form.


To apply please complete:

  •  Online Application Form: The online application can be completed in a written or video/audio recording format. The form details work count and recording duration. Visual quality, camera and editing skills will not be taken into consideration for filmed submissions. Spelling and grammar will not form part of the consideration of written applications. Please also provide a link to more information about your practice - this could be a CV, personal statement or a link to your website. You will receive a copy of your application once you have submitted and edits can be made up until the deadline. 
  • An Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Form: This is anonymous and will be used to capture who we are reaching with our call outs. 

The application form and EDI form are submitted online. If you have any problems or require the documents in an alternative format please contact Joanne Matthews  at 


DEADLINE | 23:00, 26 June 2022 

All artists will be informed of the decision by 4 July 2022 



The selection process will led by Tony Mills (Dance Base Scotland), Romy Assouad & Jadd Tank (Yaraqa) and independent artist Emma Jayne Park  

The panel will base their decision on:

  • The information provided in the application form, how the questions are answered and how that conveys your interest and need to participate in the programme.
  • The perceived impact this opportunity will have on the artist at this particular stage of their career.
  • The range of interests and backgrounds that will cultivate a diverse group of artists.
  • Your ability to fully engage with PRECIPITATE
  • The diversity of voices represented through Dance Base’s opportunities for professional artists
  • The distribution of opportunities across the dance and movement sector in both Scotland and Lebanon


About Yaraqa
Yaraqa is a socio-cultural enterprise based in Lebanon. We bring together movement artists with other business & creative industry experts to create impact
in communities through movement & dance. We work with various professionals, businesses and organisations to reimagine the tangible and the intangible through
our 3 chapters, creating job opportunities for dance/movement artists and transferring dance skills beyond the theatre to a wider audience. 

About Dance Base

As Scotland’s National Centre for Dance the organisation exists to get the whole of Scotland to experience dance and to build national and international success for dance artists based here. It has an open and accessible public programme of classes that attracts people of all ages and abilities. It has a professional programme providing mentoring, facilities and creative guidance to dance artists across Scotland, along with performance and partnership opportunities during the Edinburgh Festivals. It also promotes dance for health and wellbeing through its engagement projects, bringing together dance artists, charities, community organisations and funders to use dance effectively to deliver health and social outcomes. Dance Base is committed to developing audiences for dance and celebrating the success of the dance sector in Scotland. 


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