Pilgrim: A GIF Dance Project

Pilgrim: A GIF Dance Project

Wednesday 28 February | 18.00 – 19.00 | Dance Base | Free

Pilgrim is an online video installation conceived by Simon Fildes based on ideas of journeys, loops and cycles. Referencing time, spatial geography, sacred geometry, English literature and music theory the work explores a non-linear, fragmented and network-distributed choreography in 24 circular video loops. They can be viewed individually and in any order but they have been created so that they can be experienced also in a specific linear order. The names of each fragment and the social media tags will give a clue to this sequence along with a small mark made in the frame edge.

The work will be presented as 24 individual gif animations or video loops in various online collections such as Instagram, Tumblr, Giphy, Twitter, Facebook, etc. sometimes with sound and sometimes without. The choreography was created with Wyn Pottratz to evoke a strong sense of shape threading through the work, and brought to life by dance artist Katie Armstrong. Katie brought a sense of drama to the movement that, along with the locations and costume, in the end create a kind of Gothic Romantic sense to the work. This felt appropriate in that Simon was looking to evoke a sense of the ‘sublime’ as an aesthetic form of transcendence through repetition.'What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning.'  T S Eliot

The project is made up of 24 short loops (1-6 seconds each) that last in total exactly 1 minute in length if placed end to end on a time line. There are 12 loops filmed inside (30 secs) and 12 outside (30 secs). This work is another step in the hyperchoreography journey that Simon has been exploring since 2002 and will evolve across various social media platforms and sites over a period of time.Funded by Creative Scotland and supported by Dance Base, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, Goat Media Ltd and Leith Theatre Trust. Here is initial release of the project that is the first online installation site. instagram.com/pilgrim.project

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