Performing for the Camera - Photography Workshop with Maria Falconer

Maria Falconer

Image: Production shot for Edge Fwd, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Maria Falconer.

Performing for the Camera - Photography Workshop with Maria Falconer
Sunday 19 May | 9.30 - 17.30 | £145

Unless you live somewhere in a dark hole, you can't possibly have missed the recent explosion of dance on our streets, cinemas, theatres and TVs! Dance has taken the UK - and the rest of the world - by storm! From Ballroom to Ballet, Strictly to Street Dance, everyone is up and moving!

But this new craze isn't easy to photograph. Production shots, location shoots, choreography, direction, improvisation and collaboration - what's it all about? 
The world of dance photography can be both bewildering and fascinating, hard work and fun! 
But we can show you the steps - if you're up for the challenge?

In this workshop Maria Falconer and Paul Hill will introduce you not only to the technical aspects of shooting dance, but much more importantly - the creative ones. Numbers are also limited to 12 so you will have plenty of time and space to work, and lots of input from the tutors.

The workshop:
It doesn't matter if you are an experienced photographer or new to the medium, this workshop welcomes a rich mix of enthusiastic participants. And if you are new to dance photography, Maria and Paul will guide you through the day.

The workshop will be packed with exercises and advice designed to help you create interesting unique images.

You will work with trained dancers both on location and in a live theatre setting. 

Everything that you need will be on hand, so that you can really get involved and enjoy the experience.

What to expect:
The workshop will include presentations, demos and a series of technical 
and creative exercises around the following topics:

  • Directing / collaborating with dancers
  • Working on location
  • Shooting in the theatre
  • Camera angles and vantage points
  • Colour, costume and backgrounds
  • Using the light to your advantage
  • ISO, Shutter speeds, Aperture and all that jazz
  • Getting beyond the clichés
  • Experimentation and creativity
  • Copyright and Model Release

For more information and to book please go to: 
Please be aware before booking that you will need to bring a laptop with you for editing. 
Numbers are restricted to 12 in order to maximize your time working with the dancers. This also enables us to spend more time with each photographer, and offer advice and constructive feedback to everyone.

Maria Falconer
Maria is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, holds an MA in Photography, and teaches at De Montfort University.
Her work has been shown at Arles Photography Festival, The Edinburgh Festival, ThePrintSpace Photovoice awards London, FORMAT Photography Festival, DanceMoves in New Jersey and at the Lightmoves Dance Film festival in Limerick. 
Her specialist dance photography has been published in The Guardian, The Times, The Glasgow Herald and The Scotsman.
In Jan 2017 Maria exhibited her work at an international Dance Festival in Bruges. She was delighted to discover that one of her images was used to advertise the event.
Maria also trained as a contemporary dancer at the Laban Centre for movement and Dance in London, and enjoys being on both sides of the fence! 

Paul Hill
Awarded an MBE for his services to photography, Paul is the originator of photographic workshops in the UK. An influential teacher, he has published several books and exhibited all over the world
This is what the UK's best selling photo magazine Digital Camera wrote in 2015: 'An eminent photographer, teacher and workshop pioneer, Paul Hill witnessed many of the major changes that transformed British photography ... and works to help students develop their own vision: "to say something rather than just show something.'

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