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Tarn and Words Unspoken

There are over 1,800 years of life lived between these two dance companies.

Join us on the first tour by two remarkable new elder groups, PRIME from Dance Base and the Scottish Ballet Elders' Company, as they pour their hearts into movement, dancing to sounds as varied as American evangelical songs, quotes from Dylan Thomas and multi-Grammy award-winner Adele. Choreographers include Angus Balbernie and Winifred Jamieson. Expect to be moved, exhilarated and entertained.

To book tickets to any tour dates, please phone the box office telephone numbers as listed below. All tickets cost £5.

In October 2015, Dance Base, Edinburgh and Scottish Ballet launch a unique Scottish tour with companies comprised of elder dancers, as part of the Luminate Festival.  Join these two remarkable new elder groups, PRIME from Dance Base and Scottish Ballet Elders’ Company (SBEC), as they pour their hearts into movement.


Image © Brian Hartley 2015

Tarn, choreographed by Angus Balbernie, sidesteps the need for story lines – in this world, individuals and actions emerge organically. We see how a group of very individual people, with lifetimes of knowledge and experience ‘lean into the light’ together.

Tarn is powered by the beautiful writings of Barry Lopez, who grapples with the idea that in order to reach true adulthood, one must ‘accept responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox.’ Life is a series of contradictions, where there are no answers to the greatest questions.

‘You continue, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light’ Lopez

PRIME will also present Rolling in the Deep, a defiant stand of strength through heartbreak. Inspired by the sultry atmosphere of New Orleans, and choreographed by artistic director of PRIME, Morag Deyes MBE.

Words Unspoken


'I love you so much I’ll never be able to tell you.  I’m frightened to tell you.

I can always feel your heart.  Dance tunes are always right.  I love you, body and soul.'
Dylan Thomas

SBEC is proud to present an evocative new dance work, Words Unspoken, inspired by the concept of Christopher Bruce’s work, Ten Poems, for Scottish Ballet.   With Words Unspoken, choreographer Winifred Jamieson and SBEC have together devised a beautifully sensitive piece, accompanied by words from Dylan Thomas and music from the Bafta-winning Icelandic composer, Őlafur Arnalds.  

This is a gentle and moving piece where choreography has been woven together beautifully to express the dancers’ responses to his words.    

It’s stark, raw and spellbinding.  Their collective grave and elegance is palpable.
The Herald Magazine, on Words Unspoken, July 2015

At selected venues, the companies will be joined by a guest elders group. 

Tour dates

Sunday 4 October | 16.00 | One Touch, Eden Court, Inverness

T: 01463 234 234

Wheelchair Accessible | Disabled Parking


Saturday 10 October | 20.00 | Dance Base, Edinburgh

T: 0131 225 5525

Wheelchair Accessible | Nearby Disabled Parking


Sunday 18 October | 15.00 | Dance Live, Citymoves Dance Agency, Aberdeen

T: 01224 611486

Wheelchair Accessible | Nearby Disabled Parking


Sunday 25 October | 13.00 | Scottish Ballet Studio, Tramway, Glasgow

T: 0131 225 5525

Wheelchair Accessible | Nearby Disabled Parking

PRIME will also be performing in Singapore at the Silver Arts Festival on 12 and 13 September 2015, at the National Library Building Plaza.


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