Meet the 2021/22 DEBS

Mele Broomes DEBS

Every year, Dance Base offers a group of dancers and physical performers a place on our Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme. The scheme includes mentoring from experienced dance artists, free professional classes and workshops at Dance Base, free selected community classes, up to two week-long group residencies at Dance Base and free studio space.

We are delighted to welcome Mele Broomes as our mentor for 2021/22.


About the DEBS 2021/22:

Mele Broomes is a director, choreographer and performance artist whose work embodies stories from the collective voice, creating visceral and sensory collaborations through her ancestral heritage. During the 2021/22 programme Mele will focus on concept, content and structure, reflecting on process and exploring how artists can develop work for the stage.

Throughout the year Mele will encourage the DEBS members to embrace and recognise the importance of play and interrogation as they explore ideas and embody concepts through the creative process. Acting as a responsive sounding board Mele will provide a space for ideas to be tried, tested, and reflected on as part of a dynamic and responsive exchange.

Mele will also delve into the process of making work, focusing on the necessity of respectful collaboration. Drawing from her own experience as a director, choreographer, performer and, at many times, straddling roles as creative producer, Mele brings a unique perspective on what makes creative collaboration successful, how to gauge and manage expectations, and how artists can articulate their vision as part of a collaborative exchange.



DEBS 2021/22 Members:

Anya Sirina

Anya Sirina is a performance artist with a research and movement practice based in Glasgow. In her work, Anya plays with the audience-performer relationship to explore the dichotomy of vulnerability and empowerment. Anya saturates her movements with meaning through the use of repetition, creating an atmosphere of changeability or flux wherein actions seem violent, sensual and humorous all at once. Audience and performer travel through meanings and power dynamics together in an attempt to reach a catharsis. Anya’s work is conceptually and aesthetically driven, and spans live art, dance and film.

Anya is fascinated by the concept of time and is currently researching the materiality of time and duration through choreography. Anya graduated from BA Hons Contemporary Performance Practice at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2019.


Marios Ento - Engkolo

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Glasgow from the rich cultures of Greece and Cameroon. My artistic journey started with photography and 4 years ago dance and performance came into my life, it became my passion and the medium through which I experience the world. Experimental dance and contemporary performance really carry my soul, love and awareness through space and time, as everything is possible and every expression is right as long as it is honest. There are no boundaries, as I can tap into different dimensions, creating a unique experience, as our ancestors did. With my work I am also intending to be of service to humanity, as movement has the ability to connect us and unify us. I believe that my divine purpose is to heal, be healed and ascend. I really hope that my practice will inspire people to follow their own paths with integrity and love.


Molly McAlister

Molly Mc Alister is an interdisciplinary dance artist, choreographer and maker from Dublin. Graduated in 2021 with a First Class BA(Hons) in Dance and Drama from Performing Arts Studio Scotland and Kingston University. Molly holds Honors HND in Dance Technique and Choreography from Bray Institute of Further Education, and a Level 6 and Level 7 Honors CPD Diploma in Musical Theatre with the Irish College of Music Theatre. Captivated by the intersectionality of movement, theatre, videography and visual art, her creative work is primarily collaborative and is often multifaceted. Grounded in the exploration of themes surrounding the body, human connection and human experience, with focus on authenticity and vulnerability.  Molly has performed and choreographed for The National Performing Arts School Dublin, Marin Theatre Company San Francisco, and various Dublin, Lisbon and Edinburgh based projects. Her screendance works have been screened in festivals and venues across Dublin, Lisbon and Philadelphia, USA. She has worked in arts administration with NPAS, and international community art platform B.Create as Artistic and Strategic Planning Intern. Molly is delighted to be joining the DEBS Scheme this year.


Tony Chen

Tony Zhihang Chen is a Passionate Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer with 26 years of professional career, formally trained in classical Ballet. He just graduated with a BA (Hons) Dance & Drama with Kingston University.

His curiosity about dance began at 7 years old during the local ballet class. His passion is based on dance, because this is the thing he has always aspired to do. This enlightenment has had a profound impact on the way of his choreography. For him, dance creation is about using his personal stories as a starting point, to find a way to convey a story, and to find a way to connect with people, so that ultimately audiences and he can connect through their own stories.

For him, Dance is the medium through which he shows the world who he truly is and who he can be, also how he chooses to remember and how he holds on to the past. 


Riches Dikko (Part Time Member)

Hello I’m Riches Dikko but you can call me Rico. I’ve been dancing for around 9 plus-ish years (I don’t really remember when I started it just kinda happened). I started my dance journey at just some primary after-school dance clubs for around 1 hour a week then I transitioned onto various dance studios before auditioning to RCS Transitions program in 2015 where I danced with until 2019. To me dance is more than just how high can your leg go or how wide is your turnout, it’s more how much can I push myself (safely) to inspire dancers after me, how wild can I let my creativity flow etc cause all dancers are trying to leave a mark and with hard work and fight I know I’ll definitely leave mine.

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