Manipulate Workshops

Manipulate Workshops 2018

Terrain – The Ground On Which A Puppet Lives:
A Puppetry Workshop           

Eric Bass / USA

Saturday 26 – Monday 29 January | Various times | Dance Base, Edinburgh         

Actors tread 'the boards' of the stage.
What are the boards of a puppet’s performance world? How can those 'boards' become an asset to the puppet?

These are questions that we address in this workshop.

We tend to take it for granted that puppets move on flat surfaces, but those surfaces give us very little to work with, except the puppet itself. Why use a table for your stage, when you can use a wheel, or a tightrope?

This workshop explores ways of raising the stakes for your puppets, by creating an interaction between the puppet and the terrain upon which it stands.

The term 'table-top puppet' may never be the same!

This three-day, hands-on puppetry workshop is led by one of the USA’s best-known and respected puppeteers, Eric Bass. Since 1982 he and his internationally acclaimed, award-winning company Sandglass Theater have toured puppetry productions successfully throughout the world.


The Actor & The Object:
An Object Manipulation Workshop

Agnès Limbos / Belgium

Wednesday 31 January – Friday 2 February | 10.00am – 5.00pm | North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Edinburgh

Utilising the experience gained and expertise developed over her highly successful career, Agnès Limbos will lead a workshop which will enable participants to develop greater understanding of the intrinsic poetry of everyday objects, learning how these evocative and potent qualities can be harnessed to create imaginative and thought-provoking visual theatre.

Through individual and collective exercises and improvisations participants’ imagination, curiosity, and skills will be developed and enhanced, exploring how the selection, visible manipulation and presentation of objects to an audience creates successful and satisfying theatre of the author.


The Body As A State Of Mind: A Movement Workshop                                                      

Sabine Molenaar / Belgium

Saturday 3 February | 2.00pm – 8.00pm | Dance Base, Edinburgh

A one-day practical workshops during which internationally renowned dance artists Sabine Molenaar will offer different tools of improvisation and composition, which she uses in her creation process.

Starting by using visualisation and breathing to connect mind and body, and stimulate the imagination, Sabine’s methodology and exercises will create a nourishing ground for researching states of mind and emotion, and their corresponding physical qualities.

Sabine will share ways to keep learning from and about the body by listening and exploring; to prevent boredom and habitual responses when an everyday creativity and fully-awakened mind is required; to nurture an inspired and disciplined mind which then can expand the physical capacities of your body; to create surprising directions of movement and choreography by the transformation of rhythms, space and the body.

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