manipulate Masterclass - Seed of A City: An Object Theatre Masterclass

manipulate Theatre de la Pire Espece

Dates: 29 – 31 Jan, 10.00 – 17.00

Cost: £125.00
Age range:18yrs+
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In object theatre it’s in the material itself, more than anything else, that one finds the meaning of the work. The task of the work’s creator, and then the performer, is to reveal this meaning. To say a lot with the minimal of means – this is the essence of an art form that has an unlimited power of evocation.

Using his experience as the creator and performer of Theatre De La Pire Espece’s production Cities as inspiration, Olivier Ducas’ workshop offers participants the opportunity, through exercises and shared work, to recognise the poetical capacity of objects. They will experiment with the creation of simple texts which complement the objects used, as well as mastering the relationships between actor and objects. Using a language which merges text, image, sound and acting each participant will create their own “city” – a short stage performance which is vivid and precise - a finely sculpted theatrical piece.

Since 1999 Olivier Ducas has worked as founder director and performer with leading Quebecois company La Pire Espèce, creating and touring nineteen productions to great acclaim around the world. Olivier’s work synthesises in a dynamic and fluid way puppetry, object theatre, technology, clowning, cabaret and street theatre.
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