July Classes

Tess Letham Class FE16

Professional classes will be continuing during the month of July to offer you the chance to keep dancing during the Summer.

Contemporary with Jack Webb
Wednesday 5 July 9.30, Friday 7 July 9.30 & Saturday 8 July 11.15
Dynamic floor work, breath, weight and imagery combined with some codified exercises to prepare the body for articulate and demanding phrases.

Contemporary with Tamsyn Russell
Wednesday 12 July 9.30, Friday 14 July 9.30 & Saturday 15 July 11.15
Tamsyn teaches a release based class devised to move the body in an organized and efficient way, focusing on clarity of movement and momentum. Working from a traditional class structure from floor phrases to standing, gradually building to integrate skills in full-bodied movement phrases. Tamsyn's classes are energetic and challenging by their emphasis on shifting through the space, swing and dynamics.

Contemporary with Tess Letham
Wednesday 19 July 9.30, Friday 21 July 9.30
Tess will lead this class using her passion and knowledge in the methods of Flying Low and Passing Through from her extensive training with David Zambrano. The class will begin with group work to connect with the environment around us, not forgetting any part of it or anyone. Opening up possibilities to create interconnections that take us into new pathways within our bodies and within the space. We will then continue into exercises that focus on the relationship with the floor by utilising simple movement patterns, which explore the gathering and sending of our whole body. The focus of this class is to use the spirals and curves of our body within the infinite number of pathways in the room to glide seamlessly through the space.

Experimental House with Claricia Kruithof
Saturday 22 July 11.15
Warm up and travelling phrases drawing on traditional, contemporary and street dance forms before moving into improvisational scores. Participants are invited to join Claricia and Nik in their research; listening, connecting and exploring collective dialogues between movement and live sound.


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