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Al Seed - DEBS Mentor 2017/18

We are delighted to welcome Al Seed as the DEBS mentor for 2017/18.

Al is a multi-award winning director and performer based in Glasgow. Working cross-artform, he specialises in the creation of highly physical, visual theatre, often with a strong dance element. As well as creating solo shows, directing casts in his own productions, and guest directing for theatre and dance companies from across the UK and abroad he also works extensively providing professional development opportunities.

His current focus in this field involves providing mentorship to artists working in such disciplines as dance, physical theatre and circus who are seeking to create their own work, and helping them develop strong content for their shows / acts. This approach is motivated by the common issue of physical performers graduating from vocational courses with a depth of training in physical technique – and a sense of ‘style/s’ – but a lack of experience in working rigorously with ideas and concepts; and in translating these ideas and concepts effectively into a performance setting.


DEBS 2017/18 

Charlotte McLean

Charlotte started highland dancing at the age of three and joined many hip-hop, ballet and contemporary classes throughout her childhood. Charlotte was part of Scottish Dance Theatre’s Youth Dance Company and the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland before moving to train at London Contemporary Dance School.

She performed at London’s 2012 Olympics and Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games. She was part of the community cast of SisGo choreographed by Fleur Darkin at Scottish Dance Theatre and was casted in the repertory restaging of Hofesh Schechter’s The Art of Not Looking Back at the Place in 2016. She has also performed in works by Hannes Langolf, Joan Cleville, Dam Van Huynh, Lauren Potter, Anna Kenrick Filip Van Huffel and Rick Nodine amongst others.

She is also a keen choreographer. Her work has been performed in London, Leeds, Rotterdam and Malta. Her new improvised solo ‘And’ will be performed at Dance Base during the fringe in August 2017.

Charlotte loves improvising, physical theatre, contact improvisation and purple.

Fiona Oliver-Larkin

Fiona is a physical theatre maker, performer and teacher based in Edinburgh. She trained in physical theatre at Summerhall, anthropology at Goldsmiths and teaching at the Edinburgh Steiner teacher training. Over the past two years she has had the opportunity to train with Company of Wolves, Theatre du Soleil, Judith Milligan, OCEANALLOVER and to work with Charlotte Hastings, Delighters, Circus Alba and Voice Box Theatre Company, which she has co-directed. She teaches drama at the Edinburgh Steiner School.

Fiona likes to make site specific theatre, group and partner acrobatics, street shows, shadows, puppetry and juggling.

She is interested in how movement and dance can be combined with juggling, puppetry, acrobatics and shadows, to create pieces that glow- that are engaging and meaningful far beyond just the physical style and technique. Through DEBS and working with Al she will have the opportunity to clarify and strengthen her ideas and how best to communicate them through her work.

Hyperion Nyx

Extravagant. Ethereal. Rebel. Andy, aka Hyperion, has always dreamt of being a performer, the stage is the only place that he can truly call home. Recently he’s taken the leap to become a full time performer and artist. His boylesque has stems from his passion for physical theatre and Hyperion strives to create work that are relevant to social and political issues within society such as climate change, gender, body shaming and personal empowerment. He is a firm believer that art has and can shape society around us. Inspired by great minds who shaped the past he dreams of not only carrying on this legacy but creating his own with his vision and ideals of social revolution as well as individual enrichment. DEBS will be one more step forward into the professional world, providing him with more tools and a platform to share his projects and ideas, giving him the opportunity to work with Al Seed and a close collaboration with Dance Base.


Kat Barrass

Kat (stage name Estlin Love) is originally from Edinburgh but has lived internationally for much of her life. She began her performance career as a model, then circus performer, graduating from the National Centre of Circus Arts in London in 2011 having specialised in Cloud Swing. Since then she has lived and worked across Europe, returning to Edinburgh when her son was born in 2015. Since then her interests have diversified and she has just completed the Advanced Diploma in Physical Theatre at Summerhall, where her focus was on multidisciplinary visual theatre which incorporated elements of performance art, physical theatre and dance. Most recently she has made work in collaboration with Surge, Vincent Mangado from Theatre Du Soleil, Manipulate Festival as well as assisting Jane Howie as she directed/choreographed the Edinburgh College of Art Costume Show. Kat has been chosen to perform her work at Manipulate Festival 2018 and as part of this process will be in conversation with Mark Thompson, previous artistic director of The Lyceum Theatre. She is interested in moving away from the gaze inherent within her previous work, instead creating work which is more content driven and exploratory.


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