Contact Improvisation Jam with Contact Improvisation Edinburgh

Contact Impro Jam

Sunday 5th June 14:00 - 16:30 & Sunday 17th July 14:00 - 16:30

 £5 for Edinburgh based dancers | £2.50 for dancers based outside of Edinburgh

To book your place please click here, select the date and book through the website, or book in person at reception. 


Come and join Contact Improvisation Jam Edinburgh for two sessions at Dance Base this summer!

Contact Improvisation is a dance practice that involves body contact and sharing of weight between two or more people. It is a dance form in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. While dancers usually stay touching or in physical contact for much of a dance, a dance can occur in which partners never touch yet there is a clear "listening" and energetic connection/intention that creates the "contact" of their shared dance." Ref: Novack, Cynthia J. (1990). Sharing the Dance: Contact Improvisation and American Culture

A Contact Improvisation jam is a collective improvisation, open to people of all levels of experience.

A jam typically begins with an opening circle and facilitated warm up. After this the space becomes open for people to dance by themselves, in duet, in larger groups, or to observe.

In a jam, you are responsible for yourself at all times.


Find out more information on the guidelines for attending a CI jam: CI Guidelines

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