Classes and Workshops

Contemporary Advanced/Professional

Company Classes with resident artists. For professionally trained dancers only. Go to Company Classes page.

Pilates with Jen Cunningham | 09.00 – 10.00 | £7.50 (£6.50)
Pilates is ideal conditioning for dancers who want to improve strength, balance, control, flexibility , breathing and help prevent injury. To book, visit the class page
This class is open to non-professionals but is a level 2 class. 

Contemporary Adv / Pro with Steinvor Palsson | 18.00 – 19.30 | £4.50
Focusing on breath, alignment, clarity of movement and musicality, the class moves from standing exercises for working on technique through movement sequences and jumps that explore space, rhythm and shifting dynamics. To book, visit the class page

Company Classes with resident artists. For professionally trained dancers only. Go to Company Classes page

Classical Ballet with Vincent Hantam | 09.30 – 11.00 | £4.50
This is a general morning class for professional dancers and dancers with extensive experience of classical ballet. This class will invigorate both your body and your mind and set you up for the day. To book, visit the class page

Contemporary with Tamsyn Russell | 11.15 – 12.45 | £4.50
Tamsyn teaches a release based class devised to move the body in an organized and efficient way, focusing on clarity of movement and momentum. Working from a traditional class structure from floor phrases to standing, gradually building to integrate skills in full-bodied movement phrases. Tamsyn's classes are energetic and challenging by their emphasis on shifting through the space, swing and dynamics. To book, visit the class page.  

Out of Class with Christine Devaney | 2 hours on Sunday afternoons | £5.00 (payable by cash)
Beginning with simple bodywork followed by guided improvisations, session leaders will draw on their extensive experience in dance and theatre for these improvisation sessions. You can find further information here.

Monthly Open to All Vogue Practice with the Scottish Chapter of The Kiki House of Tea | 27 May 11.00-13.00 | 24 June 12.30-14.30 | 15 July 14.30-16.30 | £3 (payable in cash)
Voguing is an underground dance-based art form that comes from the Ballroom scene, created by the Black and Latinx LGBT communities in prisons and the Harlem drag balls. You can find more information here. This class is open to non-professionals.

You may notice some changes to the line-up of professional classes for this term, with some classes and practice sessions no longer running (though it’s possible they may return in future terms). We are taking some time to reconsider our professional class provision and we are looking to move toward more workshops and intensives in dance styles that aren’t commonly available in Edinburgh. It’s a bit of an experimental period and we are very open to your feedback on this matter – please email if there are any professional level classes or workshops you would be keen to see in the Dance Base programme.

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