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Scottish Ballet 1

Dance Base's artistic director, Morag Deyes, programmes the Festival every year with the support of the wider Dance Base team. Submissions start coming in as soon as the previous year's Festival is over, with the subsequent programme in place by March. 

We exclusively programme dance and physical theatre, so if your show is straight drama or live music we cannot consider it. We will consider circus, cabaret and dance-related drama. We are looking for professional pieces by established artists and companies with a track record of success in productions. A member of the Dance Base team has to see a live performance of the production before it is programmed - unless it is a premiere by an established company, artist, or one previously known to us with a proven track record. 
Previous experience of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is desirable, but we can guide you through the process, including advising on: 

Marketing / listings
Other performance opportunities at the Edinburgh Fringe
Technical specifications / requirements 
General costs
Ticketing / Box Office 

Unlike some other Fringe and Festival venues, the Dance Base production, programming and marketing teams are full time, all year round. Not only does this mean that we've invested in making your show a success from the outset, but you get year-round contact and support, not just in August. Our team have had years of experience working together and are familiar with the peculiarities of the Fringe experience. News of upcoming opportunities for press and media, new initiatives and even new awards often comes to us before others, meaning we're usually well-prepared, and well in advance. 

We can advise you on some sources of funding, but please be aware that coming to the Edinburgh Fringe incurs very high costs, so it is advisable that you have funding in place before you apply - either through your arts council, cultural institute or by applying to independent trusts and foundations. We would advise against anyone funding a Fringe production from personal reserves. 

For information on past festival programmes, please visit the Fringe pages of the website. A spec of Studio 1 is attached below, along with a full technical questionnaire, to give you an idea of the information we need in order to plan the programme. 

Fringe 2015 is produced by Helen McIntosh, Programmes Manager, Dance Base. To contact her, click here. Watch our trailers below. 

Dance Base trailer for Festival 2015 

Dance Base trailer for Festival 2014


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