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Know the score


As part of Dance Base’s commitment to offering performance platforms for new and emerging dance artists, we produce a termly showcase in our main theatre space, Studio 1.
Each term we invite an established dance artist to headline the showcase, while also inviting any professionals who have work they would like to share, to perform alongside them on the same bill.

This is not intended to be a professional production: we welcome works in progress and submissions from artists who just want to try things out in front of an audience. Each term our headlining artist will have been creating new work in the studio during the week of the showcase, with a cast of dance artists who have applied to be involved.

Showcase headliners have included:

Illuminations by Lindsay Kemp (Autumn 2017)

In Partnership: Being and Moving Together by Tony Mills & Dance Artists (Spring 2017)

We Are All Just Little Creatures by Christine Devaney & Dancers (Autumn 2016)

COSMIC SCULPTURES by Lucy Suggate (Spring 2016)

Past inside the Present curated by Feral (Autumn 2015)

Senses with Gary Clarke (Spring 2015)

Slanted with Angus Balbernie (Autumn 2014)

Playground with Henri Oguike (Summer 2014) 

Know the Score with Stephen Pelton (Autumn 2013) 

Here, There and Everywhere with Ruth Barnes (Summer 2013)

Lustrum with Gary Clarke

To find out more about this term’s showcase, or how to get involved, please click the links above.

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