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PRIME Carry on Dancing by Steinvor Palsson

Our trip to Bournemouth Pavillion Dance South West by Jill Know | 10 October 2016

PRIME went to Bournemouth to dance in Joie de Vivre on 9 October, sharing the programme with six other companies; it was joyous.

Dance Base’s Programme Manager Helen, organised everything for us; the flights to Southampton, the coach to take us to Bournemouth, the accommodation, the transport of costumes and shoes, everything in fact, which was great.

On the Sunday morning we had a chance to watch the tech rehearsals of all the other companies. Having been in contact with the lighting crew beforehand, our tech was incredibly slick and efficient; we did a quick run-through and checked our positions on the stage but everything was so easy for us because Steinvor’s choreography worked perfectly and Jeanine’s lighting made it all look wonderful.

We had the pleasure of watching other companies perform, but for me, the dancers from Bath were outstanding.  Their choreographer Anna Heighway had arranged a beautifully moving piece and I hope they will come to Edinburgh one day.

In the bill, our performance was saved til last. Some of the pieces before ours were quite dark and a bit sad, so the audience seemed very happy with Carry on Dancing ending the night. The costumes that were wore were stunning, and felt amazing; they complimented the routine, with Christine starting the routine with a superbly elegant entrance, that morphed into a kayak move – at this point, the audience knew they were in for some fun.  From laughter and cheering, personally, we felt we danced the best yet.

Following the performance, Jeanine (our lighting designer) and John Byrne went out of their way to find a really nice restaurant for us all, so we dined in style to celebrate the show.

Our trip to Bournemouth Pavillion Dance South West by Pippa | 10 October 2016

So, there we were, in the middle of an Art Deco weekend.

Dancing 66.6% (but it worked) of Carry On Dancing to the songs of Marlene Dietrich, in our stylish long dresses and gloves and shoes and headgear and jewellery and attitude.
Didn't we just feel The Business as we transformed and danced and entertained?

In the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre and Ballroom, opened in the 1920s and recently restored to its original glory with the help of £12 million and the merciful tearing down of the 1970s extension. "Extension" to an Art Deco building?

Staying in hotels of that time along the coast road, looking south down to the sweep of the bay with confidence that History would not change them.

The hotels themselves showing their History - signs of wear and tear, the plumbing not always working as well as it used to, yet their stylishness and beauty still evident. A bit like us, really!

PRIME are currently on tour, about to embark on the Scottish dates of Carry on Dancing.
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