Lothian Youth Dance Company

Lothian Youth Dance Company

Lothian Youth Dance Company (LYDC) is Dance Base’s in-house company for young dancers. Every year we bring together a group of young people to train, create, and perform together. Meeting once a month and over two week-long residencies, LYDC offers young people with a love of dance aged 14-21 the chance to expand their contemporary dance technique and performance skills.  

LYDC members come from many different backgrounds, but all share an interest in dance and performance which is explored in a supportive group environment over the course of the year. The young company members work with professional dance artists and choreographers throughout the year to expand technical and creative skills and create up to two new performance pieces. Choreography is focused on contemporary dance techniques, and our professional dance artists bring specialisms across many styles . As well as the opportunity to perform, members will have the chance to see professional dance performances in Edinburgh. 



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“I think LYDC have given me a lot in the past year. LYDC has helped boost my confidence, taught me lots of new things whether it was about new skills in dance or how to dance as a team. I also really enjoyed working with different choreographers, I thought it was exciting to see how different teachers teach.” – LYDC Member

One year membership of LYDC costs £360 (3 monthly instalment option available). Funded bursary places are offered to young people for whom fees would be a barrier to participation. 

If you have any questions about joining the company, or are interested in LYDC performing at your festival or event, please contact MC.Laffitte@dancebase.co.uk  

How to join

Dance Base runs audition workshops for LYDC in June/July each year, in time for the new group of young dancers to start working together as a company from the following September through to June.  

Image credit: Dani Bower 

Meet the Team

This year, the company will work with LYDC lead artist Katie Miller and will have two residency weeks (October and April) with choreographer Katie Armstrong and Dance Base Artistic Director Tony Mills. 

You can find full details on LYDC’s recent work below:

'Reflections?' by Katie Armstrong

Yesterday I looked for myself
In the movement of the trees,
The autumn sky and the falling leaves.
There is nothing other than the Other
For my eyes to see.
Is it them or is it me?

Time passes us by
Unlike what is meant for us.
Connection is everywhere.
In my eyes
In their eyes
On my back-

Oh how beautiful it is to be human.

(Poem by LYDC dancer Giovanna Skoufalou)

‘The Waiting Room’ by Emma Smith, Katie Miller and LYDC dancers

A shifting world of waiting; waiting rooms, waiting tables, wait your turn. This heavily musical, dynamic piece takes inspiration from Ohad Nahrain’s ‘Echad Mi Yodea’, and was choreographed in collaboration with the dancers.  

Image credit: Amy Sinead 

‘We and Everybody Else’ by Molly Scott Danter

A piece exploring the shared and contrasting experiences of the world. Created in October 2022 and performed at Citymoves, Aberdeen in October 2022, at Dance Base in December 2022 and at Eden Court, Inverness in February 2023. This piece was shortlisted for U.Dance, One Dance UK’s National Youth Dance Festival 2023. 

Image credit: Brian Slater 

‘Thysia’ by Emma Smith and LYDC dancers

Based loosely on The Rite of Spring, the young people explored the concept of the outsider, ritual and group think. Created in April 2022 and performed at Dance Base as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2022. 

‘Dusk’ by Bridie Gane

Inspired by birdsong and the music of Cosmo Sheldrake. Created in October 2021 and performed at Dance Base in December 2021 and The Space, Dundee in February 2022. 


Image credit: Amy Sinead