Spring 2018 Showcase

Showcase SP18

Spring Showcase

Sat 17 Feb | Bar open: 19.00 | Performance: 20.00 | £5

The Dance Base Professional Showcase returns, this time curated by our own Bush Hartshorn.
Bush issued an invitation for artists whose practice is rooted in dance, movement or choreography to submit work for an evening of new ideas and diverse creative practice.

The line up is as follows:

Luce by Elena Aldi
LUCE represents the light of our soul, the force that pushes us to express who we really are. Even when we lose our sense of direction and experience situations that cause suffering, there's always a little whisper, a subtle voice telling us not to give up, to try to understand what happened in order to find ourselves again.

HAND//SHAKE by Katie Armstrong & Lucy Ireland
Theme and (one) Variation explores the complexity of the 1st Movement of Bach’s Violin Concerto in A Minor. The work is inspired and driven by the music and manifests itself as a meeting between two characters.

ATOMIC by Cottrell & Mills
ATOMIC is a physical exploration into small actions that have huge consequences, the ethics of power and decision making. The work also draws inspiration from the cold war, Russian sleep experiments, the Manhattan Project and CIA MKUltra mind control experimentation.

There might be explosions.

Bubble by Suzi Cunningham
This is an extract of developing work: An exploration into fear which led to discoveries of what lies beneath. During creation, a character emerged that saw the world from another perspective. Recent development uncovered more curious creatures that wished to have a say on the matter. 

Bubble is the story of where we may have come from and where we may be going.

Vertical Dance Single Point Taster by Pure Dance, performed by Sarah Mac Keever
Vertical Dance is normally performed at height allowing the performer to turn gravity to their advantage, performing sweeping pendulums of acrobatic dance movement.

In this showcase, Sarah will utilize the vocabulary of vertical dance in a 'Post-it' note display, rather than the usual exuberant 'Bill-board' version of a full Vertical Dance performance.

And by Charlotte Mclean

And began as a text message Charlotte sent to her friend.

And became a dance solo Charlotte performed.

And is becoming.

To book tickets, click here or phone 0131 225 5525.

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