In Partnership: Being and Moving Together by Tony Mills & Dance Artists

In Partnership: Being and Moving Together

Saturday 25 February, 20.00

The Spring 17 showcase was led by Tony Mills, Artistic Director of Room 2 Manoeuvre and the performance was the result of a week-long residency with selected artists, in which Tony offered insights into R2M's own practice and processes as a starting point. Tony's intention was to use the residency as a platform to encourage dialogue, exchange and collaboration among the participating artists with a view to discovering new territories in the realm of partnering and moving together.

The showcase evening also featured a bill of work-in-progress performances, curated by Bush Hartshorn, including:

Bridie Gane: One Hit Wonder
This one woman variety show involves a selection of vignettes, each performed by Bridie Gane. Inspired by the glitzy perfection of 1930’s-50’s musicals, she presents a cabaret that is far more uncertain, absurd and unsettling.

Creative Electric: Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Broccoli?

Creative Electric create contemporary performance based on real experiences. This interactive performance piece encourages audiences to share unique moments with performers. As a performer takes your hand to walk down the aisle, they’ll tell you how it feels to be invisible and not speak to anyone for days and days. As you jump on a trampoline with Sophie, she’ll share the story of her father’s funeral and the guilt she still feels at enjoying herself that day. Share a tipple with your Auntie Jambus, the quintessential old lady who sees it all. Dance a first dance, a last dance and all those dances that you should have danced…

Farah Saleh: A Fidayee Son in Moscow

This interactive dance lecture portrays a school day in the Interdom, an international boarding school in the Soviet Union, during the 80s. The school was home to children of revolutionary parents from all over the world, including Farah's brother. The lecture portrays a school day in the Interdom from a physical point of view, invites the audience to live the Interdom experience and reflect on the present of the left.

Greyhound Cooperative: Could you just?

Martyn Garside, Philip Alexander McDonald and Nerea Gurrutxaga Arruti

The newly formed Greyhound Cooperative looks at mental health and the individual process that conversation, dance, music, art and yoga can provide - in the hope to someday create an inclusive and supportive environment for discussion, exploration and healing.

This short scene came about during a residency at Dance Base in November. It exposes ideas of consciousness felt and experienced by the individuals when dancing. The movers reflect back to each other their internal dialogues, by projecting direction of certain ideas and feelings they are experiencing while movement is taking place. Martyn Garside is the voice of encouragement (perhaps), challenging the situation and coaching individuals through the dance by reinforcing positive feedback and affirmation.

Tom Wohlfahrt & Dancers: Freshly Squeezed

MORNING. MORNING. MORNING. It’s a challenge to secure your identity when overworked...

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