Ghost Dimensions - Memory, Ritual, Scattered Song

Ghost Dimensions

Mele Broomes and Ashanti Harris (of Project X) in collaboration with Healer Oran and Tseliso Monaheng
Sunday 17 November | 15.00 | 100 mins - performance and discussion | £8 (£5)

Collaborative process across performance disciplines, physical and virtual borders. The research combines scattered forms -texts, scores, live and recorded sounds, film and live performance.

Collectively Broomes, Harris, Monaheng and Healer Oran explore the body as a repository of incorporated histories which are both internalised and externalised. Ghost Dimension explores themes of Identities, imposing architecture and the environments we move in. Experimenting with visibility, Ghost Dimension asks; Who is seen? How are they seen? Through what lense? On what platform? 

Project X’s unique synergy of contemporary diasporic dance and performance techniques, with Healer Oran’s electronic soundscape, and Tseliso Monaheng’s abstract cinematography, combine to create a form which is flexible, adaptable and transformative.

The performance at Dance Base presents all scattered fragments.

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